Disney Magic Kingdoms – The Incredibles Update

Good morning and welcome to a great day!  Why is it a great day you ask?  Well aside from the normal reasons, you know, birds chirping, sun shining and all that, we have just been gifted Update 2…well sort of.  While the Update is installed and some of the new stuff is there and waiting for us, The Incredibles Event hasn’t actually started just yet.  So, for now, we’ll go over what is new and amazing and then I’ll do a new post on the event once it opens!  Let’s jump right in.


From the Devs

When the evil Omnidroid raids the park, The Incredibles arrive to save the day!  Mrs. Incredible kicks off the multi-week event…when Syndrome reveals himself and his diabolical plan to take control of the Kingdom!  Hurry to stop the Omnidroid and defeat Syndrome!

  • 6 New Characters
  • 50 New Quests
  • 7 New Attractions
  • 5 New Decorations
  • New Parade Float
  • Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

New Characters

Obviously this is reference to The Incredibles.  I’m a little sad as part of me was sure we were going to get some Aladdin characters this round, BUT we did get some cool buildings which I’ll get to later.  I find it interesting that these characters are located above all the others.  This is most likely to make them more accessible during this special timed event.  All are grayed out for now except for Mrs. Incredible who we know will be the first character we add to our roster when we start the event.



New Attractions

While the characters remained locked, we did get some fancy new buildings to build.  Two were gem accessed, while the last was potion accessed.  The prices for these can be seen below.


Jet Packs
– Builds Instantly with 80 gems
– 8 Hour Time
–  Yields 34 experience and 175 potions


The Magic Lamp Theater
– Builds Instantly with 95 gems
– 6 Hour Time
– Yields 27 experience and 140 potions


The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
– Builds in 12 Hours for 45,000 potions
– 12 Hour Time
– Yields 30 experience and 180 potions


Obviously we have more attractions coming with The Incredibles event but as of now they are all marked with “Coming Soon.”


I’ll put up more about these as they become available.

New Decorations

Decorations are about the last thing I spend gems or potions on BUT some folks love dolling up their park so next up we have the new decor you’ll be showing off in your stylish park.


We have a lovely new Tron Mickey Light, which I will say is pretty awesome.  We also have a Tron Lamp which is, well, there?  You can buy it?  I guess?

Of course, we will also see plenty of Incredibles statues and such, but those are still under strict lock and key.


New Parade Float

Just a quick mention of this one as we can’t actually use it yet, but it IS there!


New Building on Main Street

Okay, now with all that mumbo jumbo out of the way, we can get to the really juicy bits.  The things that make us go hmmm?  Sitting on Main Street at the end is a building which looks to be a bit of a theater.


The speculation is that this will be a place to watch ads or maybe old cinematics from the game, in order to earn some extra gems.  As of now, it does nothing.  Well, not NOTHING.  It does look pretty sitting there.  We’ll have to see if this opens up in the coming weeks.

Shorter Quests?

This one is very interesting.  Upon checking out Bo Peep, I noticed a 3 minute quest.


I know that many fans have been clamoring for more variety in quest length, you know, since we go from 60 seconds to 12 hours in many characters.  This is really great to see especially knowing how hard it is to achieve the top tier when doing the Granting Wishes mini-event.  So far this is the only character I’ve found with this, but I’m sure more are bound to pop up.

Confirmation for Gem Spending

In what might be the most exciting change for fans this update, you will now be asked if you are sure you want to spend gems.  This should cut down majorly on the amount of gems lost due to accidental clicking.  People rejoice, for Gameloft has heard our call.  Now for all of you who fought so hard for this, take note.  Your next goal is to get us Mini-Games.  Say it with me now.  Mini.  Games.


New Load Screen

No more blue magical load screen with all the characters you know and love.  The game now welcomes you in and let’s you know that action is on the way with the Incredibles cast gearing up on an orange background.


New Game Icon

New load screens mean new everything apparently.  Get ready to have no idea what you’re clicking on for a while as the icon for the game has also changed.  I love the orange color scheme and it’s a really great way to be eye catching on the phone screen.


So far, these are my findings.  I’m sure more will pop up, but for now there you have it.  I’ll do another post focused solely on the event once it starts.  Until then, how are you guys feeling?  Ready to get some Incredibles characters?  Ready to not lose gems?  Will you be buying Aladdin buildings with your gems?  Let me know in the comments below!

Want more DMK?  Go Here!






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  1. Gah! My download won’t work! It’s saying I don’t have an internet connection even though I do. Freaking out a little over here! LOL.

      • I finally got it. Phew! Although I’ll never get back those three hours of productivity I lost. 😉

  2. Many of the characters have new actions in the 3-9 minute range and some have the word “Incredible” in them. I’m thinking this might be how we’ll earn the event currency. Also, my push notifications are now accurate – yay!

    • My push notifications seem somewhat better, but still not completely accurate. Dang. And I still have that obnoxious exclamation point floating over my Max-Level Woody.

  3. The area around California Screamin’ now says that it can be accessed if you complete more of Merlin’s quests

  4. My Incredibles event just opened woo hoo!!! It’s too bad I set most of my characters on long tasks this morning. Eek!

  5. Before I go spending my precious gems on Frozone, can anyone confirm that whatever characters we unlock during this “limited time event” will stick around after the event is over? The characters aren’t going to disappear after the 28 day event is done, right?

  6. I do have the updated version like here but after a few days with mrs. Incredible, my items for the incredible series says to go online to unlock. Know anything about that? I dont know where to go (online-wise) to unlock my other characters and buildings. Its okay if i can no longer get those charactersn but it would be nice to know. Thanks in advance.

    • Try closing out the game entirely. Make sure your device is online. Then start up the game again. If all else fails, restart your device. If the device is online, the game should be too.

  7. Hi. Anyone else still getting pretty update amounts of magic potions from the parade despite it showing new reward amounts? Ie nickel shows 200 potion rewards and costs 150 to start. Only pays 50 on end of parade which is what it paid pretty update. Grrr. All floats do thus.

      • Sorry. terrible predictive text.

        Next time you run a parade have another look. Chance of applies to gems and ears etc but potions is not in the chance of section. My floats always paid the stated amount prior to update. Now the stated amount has increased but still paying old amount. Same amount every parade run. I was so pleased initally with the updated parade as it used to cost potions to run a parade. Now if it worked properly we would earn magic via running a parade.

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