Happy Birthday to Mom

In a week filled with sadness and despair, I think it’s easy to forget the celebrations in life, BUT to forget those things might just be the worst thing we could possibly do.  So, in the spirit of celebration I am proud to say that  as of today, June 16, my Mother, Ms. Kim Headley, has just earned herself another star for years on this Earth!


If you’ve been coming to this site for a while, you’ll know that my Mom is hugely supportive of my work.  She flew out to surprise me for the release of my last book and reads and shares this blog regularly.


Mother, stop that right now or I’m taking back your Disney trip!

My Mom is also pretty cool, well, for a mom.  She plays things like Animal Crossing and more recently has gotten into a little game you might have heard me mention called Disney Magic Kingdoms.  She even updates me regularly on that thing that Goofy did that didn’t make sense.


My Mom is a huge Disney fan and loves Goofy, despite having mixed feeling about Minnie.  She definitely owns more Disney toys than me, which I am quite jealous of.  She is also a medical assistant to a wonderful doctor and works tirelessly to keep the world healthy, while artfully dodging getting peed on by small children…and some adults.  Mostly adults.


I won’t tell you how old my Mother is, but I will say that she is old enough to drive, so…that’s sort of a clue, right?

Anyway, wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments.  She’s sure to see it!

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