Disney Magic Kingdoms – The Incredibles Event Begins

At long last, after weeks of hype and excitement, livestreams and teaser photos, the event is finally here!  First of all, if you missed my post on the non-Incredibles parts of this update, GO HERE first.  Otherwise, let’s jump in!


Getting Started

When you first open the game, you’ll be greeted by the message that Syndrome is attacking the Kingdom and we need to get some defenses up quick, basically.  Of course, Mickey and Goofy are first on the scene.  As far as I can tell, there is no max level for them to be to do this.  You just need to have welcomed both of them.  And of course, they think it’s Pete.  Because once a bad guy, always a bad guy…even if we’re, like, totally cool now.

Photo Jun 16, 11 05 44 AM

Robot Attack

Of course, it takes one good ol’ fashioned robot attack to clear things up that we are not fighting ol’ Pete again.  Merlin is on the case.

Photo Jun 16, 11 06 42 AM

The great thing about clicking on 10 robots is that by clicking the quest at the side, you will immediately be taken to the next robot to click.  This makes this quest a breeze and is awesome since some of us have huge parks and can’t very well go searching for tiny robots, though I will say they are far easier to spot than those confounded brooms.

Photo Jun 16, 11 07 24 AM

The quest also lets you know how long until more robots spawn so you can make sure to come back at the right time.


Promos and Frozone

Luckily, Frozone is crazy affordable, which is great as we have been told by the devs that he will make getting The Incredibles far easier.  I welcomed him right away and also got a Frozone Sno-Cone joint.


The initial Promos

Photo Jun 16, 11 01 46 AM

Promos after you buy the float.

The great thing about this building is that it helps you load up the points needed for Incredibles characters and buildings very quickly.  It’s the Hamburger joint of Syndrome fighting.

Photo Jun 16, 11 11 34 AM

Welcoming Mrs. Incredible

As soon as I was told to welcome Mrs. Incredible, I already had enough points to welcome her.  I like this.  It makes me feel like I’m getting into the action fast.  She also only takes 6 minutes to welcome, so at the very least, we will all have her, even if the other characters cost ungodly amounts to buy!

Photo Jun 16, 11 14 04 AM

Tracking Your Event

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a large orange button, letting you know that the event will last a little over 28 days.  By clicking on this, you can see who is available and when and what your current goal is.  In 3 days we’ll have the chance to get Dash and so on and so forth.

Photo Jun 16, 11 01 33 AM

This hub also let’s you know your current goal and when it will be available.

Photo Jun 16, 11 01 37 AM

You can also take a look at the leaderboard for the current mini-event, which we’re starting off with Striking Gold. Good news, I’m already way behind.  As a side note, the Striking Gold event now comes complete with adorable Incredibles themed gold coins.  I just want to pinch them!

Photo Jun 16, 11 16 34 AM

You’ll find a list of current promos here as well to spend money on to your heart’s content.

Photo Jun 16, 11 16 48 AM

And finally, because I know you DMK fans love your questions, there is a nice FAQ to give you the rundown of the basics.

Photo Jun 16, 11 01 50 AM

Overall, I LOVE this hub of information.  I think it stream lines everything and keeps a focus, even for players who don’t typically play games like this and need a little extra hand holding.

It seems as though the large building that has replaced the hot air balloon will probably play a part in actually fighting Syndrome, but for now it just gives us his big mug and a promise that he is coming.

Photo Jun 16, 11 03 35 AM

New Parade Float

Yes, there is a new parade float.  it costs 50 gems and allows you to get extra stuff to welcome and level your Incredibles.  If you’re a completionist like me, you’ve already bought it.  If you’re not, well, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the gems to make your life a little easier.  As a rule, I don’t love parade floats as I feel that the drop rates on them are abysmal, BUT I leave that choice up to you.

Photo Jun 16, 11 01 21 AM

Knowing What Quests are Incredible

Any quests linked to the event will be an Incredible orange and red color, so you’ll always know which one’s are progressing you further along this journey.

Photo Jun 16, 11 14 37 AM

New Land and Attractions

It looks like you’ll need to complete some quests to open up the new land and buildings but once they do, OMG, the first one was so cheap I thought my eyes were broken.


Once you can open up your first new attraction, you’ll need to upgrade Mrs. Incredible first, and sadly, as of writing this, I wasn’t there yet.  I’ll update as things change.


What should my other Characters be Doing?

Some characters will have quests that can earn you Incedibles points so make sure to jump on those early to get stocked up.  They don’t all earn you a ton of points but I think this is a case of “Every little bit helps.”

Photo Jun 16, 11 30 46 AM

Some characters will also help you get the tokens you need in order to upgrade your Incredibles so make sure to jump on those as needed.

Photo Jun 16, 11 26 47 AM

Other Things of Note

Something I found interesting while grabbing some gems was that there is now a new button in the upper left that says that we will be able to watch videos for gems.  Right now, there is nothing that can be watched, but good to know it is on its way.


I love love love the shorter quest.  This has always been a game that I turn on, send everyone questing and turn off for hours at a time, but with 3 and 8 minute quests, I suddenly want to have the game on all the time.  That is a great feeling!

What’s Next?

Given that this event will be going on for a while, I will try to update every so often as new things become available and I will definitely update the blog as new characters show up.  Until then, let me know if I missed something of if you have a question down below!

Photo Jun 16, 11 03 25 AM

Want more DMK?  Go Here!

32 replies »

      • wow! pretty cheap! awesome! Right now goofy is on an 12h mission and Mikey is on an 24h mission :(, will have to wait a bit before i really start the incredible quests :/

  1. Weird, I wasn’t offered the Frozone bundle, just Frozone by himself. And I was able to buy the parade float for $2.99 (I think that’s how much it was – maybe $1.99) instead of spending gems. But of course I splurged on both. I’m loving this event so far and I agree, it’s fun to complete tasks so quickly instead of waiting hours and days!

  2. I was offered two bundles as well! I got the Frozone bundle you received for Frozone for $3.99 and the snocone stand. And then for $1.99 I got the parade float and 2k of incredible coins. I purchased them both. This game always gets me…. Funny how everyone is different?

    • Me either. And I told them I spent the full price they just said “we can’t compensate you for the difference”. Pretty lame….

  3. I don’t know how to get Ms. Incredible’s masks to upgrade her. None of the characters have it as reward.

      • For mine it’s Jessie doing some yodeling, and it’s a short task – only 6 minutes.

  4. Frozone might be my first purchase. I have 164 gems so it’s not that far to gem up, but $4 is really fair. I’ve enjoyed the event so far. I’m also loving the shorter quests. I do wonder if the rest of the family will have a higher currency cost. If not, i’m going to try to get them all leveled up as high as possible so they don’t convert to potions later.

  5. Does anyone know what will happen to the characters and attractions once the incredibles event is over?

  6. I’m brand new to the game (just started yesterday). Is there a reason I’ve never seen the Incredibles Event screen when I open the app? Do I need to have unlocked specific characters or level someone up before I get there? I can see Mrs. Incredible, but to unlock her it says I need to complete more Incredibles Quests.

  7. I have everything to level up all my incredibles but the incredible coins cause I could level them up with potions for an hour or so but then it went back to coins for some reason and now I can’t level any of them up

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