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New LEGO Star Wars Series Incoming

Wow, the Star Wars news just keeps raining in.  If you are a Star Wars fan, then your life is filled with all the happiness right now.  If you’re not…well, time to get involved.  We now have the announcement of an all new LEGO TV series, headed for Disney XD entitled The Freemaker Adventures.  What’s that?  You want more amazing news?  Well, the show is set to debut THIS SUMMER!!!


It’s real! And so pretty! And so Darth Vader…y…

I, as you can imagine, am pumped.  Everything about this poster looks great.  I love that we have some original characters and it won’t just be a spoof of the movies.  This new series is all about The Freemakers, a scavenger family who are just minding their business, selling star ships, scavenging parts and the like, when the youngest team member finds an ancient lightsaber.  Now, the family will be part of an epic struggle to restore peace to the galaxy.  Familiar characters will also be showing up.  I see you Emperor.  Creepin’ up in the background.  I see you.

As of fan of the already released LEGO games and TV shows, I think this has super hit potential.  Jill Welfer, vice president of licensing and entertainment at the LEGO Group said in the reveal statement, “We are very excited to launch, for the first time, a TV series with Disney XD…The creative team behind The Freemaker Adventures is extremely talented, and the series is a great testament to our longstanding and successful partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney.”  Sounds good to me!

Disney XD already houses the fantastic Star Wars Rebels and adding another one to the roster just means more Star Warsy goodness.

Which popular pop culture film or book would you like to see turned into a LEGO TV show?  Let me know in the comments!

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