Disney Countdown: 7 Days – The Nightmare

Seven days until Disney!

I had the strangest nightmare last night.  I’ve been reading this fantastic book, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness with the hopes of giving my mom the best Disney experience ever and really pointing out all the little details around the parks.  I believe this book led to my nightmare.  We had somehow ended up in Disney Land, instead of Disney World, and I had not finished the other book I am reading, which is all about Disney Land.  Thus, I was not prepared.


My self assigned reading list.

We started out early but we were having a difficult time getting around the park, and I accounted this to the fact that I had not studied up.  I also noted that our wait times were far too long and we couldn’t decide on a ride to wait for in the first place.  I wanted everyone to have the best experience ever and before I knew it, it started getting dark and I realized the entire day had been wasted!  It was awful.

I’m a worrier by trade.  I worry that the weather will be bad or that something will happen with the flights getting messed up.  I worry that the car that we pre-rented will not be there or they’ll have lost my reservation.  Perhaps they will find a way to charge me far more than I was expecting.

Some friends of mine recently sent me a goodie box of Disney stuff and along with it came a “Happy Birthday” badge that I can wear to the park for special treatment.  My birthday was January 31, yet I worry that someone is going to call me out, and tell me that I’m not allowed to wear it.  I worry that it will rain every day we are there and that perhaps the park will be closed for some crazy reason.

Photo Feb 03, 8 32 45 PM

Okay but this was an epic goodie box.

At the end of the day, though, I know that whatever will happen, will happen, and nothing can change that.  Good planning is important but in order to have the most fun I think we need to understand that nothing ever goes exactly as planned.  Yet, just as perfect experiences often don’t happen, worst case scenarios are also fairly unlikely.  At the end of the day, what matters is that we have fun and enjoy the ride of it all, which I’m sure we will.

So what is your best/worst vacation experience?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’ll be trying to do a countdown article all week so if there’s anything special you’re interested in knowing about during our trip prep, let me know that as well!

Feel The Disney

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  1. I know you all are going to have a fantastic time! The weather is set to be amazing, I’m considering taking some vacation time just so I can spend more days at the parks. I’ll have to check out those books, I’ve always wanted to delve further into Disney secrets and whatnot (more so than what I’ve learned from friends who’ve worked there).

  2. I want to start doing some fun Disney Secrets here on the blog. My hope is that once the Vault Disney films come to an end, I can maybe do a ride or a part of the park each week and give some fun insight.

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