Pandemic Legacy – Gayme Night Plays


If you do not wish to know the twists and turns of Pandemic Legacy, the new board game from Z-Man games, then do NOT watch this video!

There! You can’t say I didn’t put a spoiler warning.  This week, Carl Li and I are starting a fun playthrough of the new game, Pandemic Legacy.  This game plays over twelve in-game months and the game changes as you play.  That means that boxes in the game open and can’t be re-closed.  Stickers get placed on the board and in the rule book and change as the game evolves.  Players write on cards.  Players TEAR UP CARDS!!!  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be playing through the game, documenting our successes and failure.

Join us, won’t you?  But be warned, there is no holding back in these videos.  THERE. WILL. BE. SPOILERS!!!

For more Gayme Night, why not click these conveniently colored letters here.

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