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The Flower and Garden Festival Pt. 2 : Food, Drinks and Merch [Disney Adventures]

Welcome back!  While the flowers and gardens of the festival were amazing as you can see from PART ONE of this little mini-adventure, we spent a lot of time at the festival, collecting merch, eating delicious treats and going on a scavenger hunt through the world showcase.  That’s […]

Merry Happy Holidays!

Hello all, I wanted to take a moment to wish you a great day no matter what you’re celebrating today, whether it be Christmas or just being alive.  With the book done, Vault Disney, book news and more will commence once again next week. In the meantime, thank […]

Patchwork – Gayme Night Review

This week we review a new little game about quilting. NO WAIT! Don’t go.  Sure, we’re serious about the quilting part but that’s no reason to run away.  We know you have your reservations but just hear us out.  Patchwork from Mayfair games and Uwe Ronsenberg is a […]