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Interview with Carl Li – Senior Editor on A Home for Wizards

Hello all! Starting today and going for the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing some interviews I did with the team behind A Home for Wizards.  These folks are super special and the book would not have been possible without them so show some love! First up is […]

Gayme Night Reviews – Epic

Hello all, This week we have a review of a little card game that is more than the sum of its parts, which are really just cards.  But we also painted coins!  Okay, by now you’re probably a bit confused so you should just watch the video. Epic […]

Our Trip to Hogwarts – Part One

What can I say? You all surprised me. The feedback and support and amazing comments I got on our story about getting engaged was overwhelming to say the least. Thanks to that article and the response of everyone out there in the blog reading stratosphere, I’ve decided to […]

Patchwork – Gayme Night Review

This week we review a new little game about quilting. NO WAIT! Don’t go.  Sure, we’re serious about the quilting part but that’s no reason to run away.  We know you have your reservations but just hear us out.  Patchwork from Mayfair games and Uwe Ronsenberg is a […]

Gayme Night Reviews – TAKENOKO

Hello all, As a sublet of First Impressions, Carl and I have decided to start reviewing board games, but here’s the trouble.  You can’t very well get a first impression of a board game that’s anything more than “Holy gawd, why are there so many pieces in this […]

An Open Letter to Being Sick

Dear Common Cold, A couple of days ago, I awoke to an odd scratching in my throat. Often times when this happens, I start flicking my tongue as a way of ‘scratching’ the itch. It doesn’t usually work but on the plus side, it disrupts whoever is standing […]