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Disney Magic Kingdoms – Defeating Villains Video and Anniversary Hat Stands

The world of DMK has been a bit quiet this past week, but two very interesting developments have come to the forefront over the past two days, which made me decide it was time to check in with all of you.  How are you?  Is your summer treating […]

[Watch] Projection Show at Animal Kingdom

Today I was very excited to see that Insidethemagic.com had posted a full video of the new projection show at Animal Kingdom.  You guys might know that Celebrate the Magic, the projection show at Magic Kingdom, is one of my all time favorite things in the parks and […]

Gayme Night Reviews – Mysterium

Hello all! This week we’ve got a very haunted, very spooky review about a ghost trying to get psychics to figure out a murder by using abstract artwork.  Spoiler alert, the ghost has his work cut out for him.  The game itself is…well…why spoil the surprise.  Is Mysterium […]