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Bunny Kingdom – Board Game Review

Designed By:  Richard Garfield Player Count:  2 – 4 Players Playtime:  40 – 60 Minutes I often think that the designers over at Iello have a bug implanted into my brain, specifically designed to know what art will make me want, need and crave a game of theirs.  […]

Welcoming Baloo – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello again my jungle-loving friends.  Whenst lasteth we spoketh I had just started building the Jungle River Drift.  Today we’ll continue the adventure up through welcoming everyone’s favorite bear.  No, not Brother Bear.  That’s not everyone’s favorite bear.  No, not Lotso either.  He’s a villain for goodness sakes! […]

Cat Lady – Board Game Review

Designer:  Josh Wood Player Count:  2-4 Play Time:  15-30 Minutes In general, we tend to love games with tons of moving parts and thick rule books that take hours just to punch and sort.  But every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from all of […]