Welcoming Baloo – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello again my jungle-loving friends.  Whenst lasteth we spoketh I had just started building the Jungle River Drift.  Today we’ll continue the adventure up through welcoming everyone’s favorite bear.  No, not Brother Bear.  That’s not everyone’s favorite bear.  No, not Lotso either.  He’s a villain for goodness sakes!  I mean Baloo of course!  So let’s jump in and get caught up shall we?


Questing towards Baloo

Once Jungle River Drift is completed, Bagheera will insist that Mowgli go and hide there.  I personally would hide in Space Mountain, but that’s just me.  You know because it’s dark and doesn’t have a rushing river I could drown in.  To each his own I suppose.


Bagheera and Mowgli will be sent on an 8 HOUR quest which will have them hiding on the ride in hopes of not being found out by Shere Kahn.


Don’t worry boys, the ol’ tiger is roaming around in Toy Story land.  Maybe he wants to eat Hamm??  Or perhaps one of Bo Peep’s sheep?


Many hours later, Bagheera will still be ‘teaching’ Mowgli how to hide.  I feel bad for Mowgli.  Of all the characters to get stuck with.  After all, had he hid with Goofy he’d at least be able to eat sandwiches all day.


Of course Mowgli has other ideas of the best way to deal with his tiger nemesis.  I for one think Mowgli’s plan makes a lot of sense.  And I would really love to see said dance competition.


Mowgli will be sent on a 4 HOUR quest to once again hide in the jungle.


Meanwhile, Bagheera had decided that he will go and find Shere Kahn and face him alone, because apparently today is BAD IDEA DAY!  Once again, Bagheera reminds us that Shere Kahn smells like armpits on a hot day.


But given that it takes Bagheera a whopping 24 HOURS to do this search, I don’t think he actually knows what tigers smell like.  Maybe he actually caught wind of Jack Sparrow.


As soon as Mowgli finishes his previous quest, he’ll decide to also have the bad idea of looking for Shere Kahn himself.  Like I said, BAD IDEA DAY!


Hoping to find someone who agrees with his plan and getting nothing but rug from Magic Carpet, he decides to search out his old buddy Baloo.


Baloo Requirements

Prickly Pears

This is a token you should be all too familiar with grabbing at this point.  Nab them where you can but remember that they drop fairly regularly.  Do not waste a character on these that could otherwise be working on acquiring one of Baloo’s other, harder tokens.


Disguise Props

These are probably going to be the most challenging.  King Louie is by far the best one to grab these since he only has a 2 hour quest for them.  But since you need plenty of them, make sure to have all hands on deck for this one.


Baloo Ears Hat

These should drop pretty fast.  Mowgli and King Louie in particular seemed to cough these up like candy at Halloween.


Collect all your tokens and wait 12 HOURS and you’ll have yourself a shiny new Baloo.


The Quest Continues

In the time that you are collecting tokens for Baloo, Bagheera will be quite busy.  First he’ll make a pit stop to fart on Belle and Beast as they dance.  Talk about a party pooper!


Then he’ll say hello to Shere Kahn himself whose just as weirdly British as ever.


At long last Bagheera and Baloo will be reunited.


And it won’t be long before party time ensues.  As well it should.  As a side note, I think this may very well be my favorite animation to EVER grace this game.  Well done Gameloft.  Well done.


Of course, Mowgli won’t be invited which will mean he continues the search for his bestest bear friend.


Mowgli will need to be leveled up to LEVEL 4 in order to call for Baloo, which will send him on a 12 HOUR quest.  I imagine his vocal chords will be quite sore by the end of that.


And that is where I leave you today!  How is everyone doing so far?  I’ve seen some folks who had already beat Shere Kahn!  But since this is not a timed event, I am taking things nice and slow and really enjoying the ride.  It’s been a while since I just sat back and enjoyed the animations and this update has really brought back the feelings I had for this game when it first released over a year ago.  In my opinion, that is a VERY good thing.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Welcome back! I’ve finally welcomed Bagheera and built the Jungle River Drift, but am still chugging on the tasks leading up to Baloo. I’m feeling impatient to have him, but also enjoying having new, untimed, content. I’m also trying to level up other characters to ten, especially Lion King & Aladdin. Here’s hoping for a good long break before the next event.

  2. I think I’m just going to ditto Kim’s reply. I’m also still trying to level up lots of other characters but am enjoying the change of pace by not having a clock tick down on me.

    I have greatly missed your sense of humor, it seems to match my own. Like Bagheera, he’s a cat, all he does is lie around all day and sleep and apparently fart on Belle… or maybe he was aiming for Beast, how knows with a cat? Having Shere Khan wandering around spooks me, I want to whack him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, bad cat, stop stalking Mowgli, just go have the dance off and then leave him be, he’ll just give you indigestion anyway.

  3. So glad you’re back and making us laugh with your great sense of humor.

    And like Kim and Terri-with-a-Y, I’m probably spending more of my time and talents leveling up Lion King and Aladdin characters rather than focusing on Jungle Book (and also completely forgetting that the Toy Story Alien still has a hundred years of token-getting left).

  4. I’m in the same boat as everyone else – still leveling up my Aladdin pals, loving that I don’t feel rushed to get through this new content! I love that I can wait until I’ve collected enough gems to get King Louie instead of shelling out real dollars for him. (I may have just blown an unreasonable number of gems on Enchanted Chests during the last sale, trying to get the Zootopia Race Track – and I did, so #worthit. Chief Bogo is finally able to do more than two actions! Hallelujah!) So I haven’t welcomed Baloo yet, but I’m about halfway there.

    And re: Toy Alien – I’ve finally gotten him to where he can gather all his own tokens. But since he now drops Jungle Book tokens, I’ve taken a break from his tokens and am sending him off to quest after Baloo.

    I’m looking forward to the new land so I can feng shui the place. Everything currently fits, of course, but it ain’t pretty!

  5. Like everyone else here, I’m still working on the Aladdin gang getting each up to Level 8, but I’m also working on the Jungle Book so I can get to open up the new land. I’ve got Bagheera, King Louie and Mowgli at Level 4 and just started the 12 hour wait for Baloo to join the party. Once I get the new land, I’ll move the Aladdin buildings there so that I can join the Jungle Book buildings with the similarly themed Lion King buildings. Eventually, the Aladdin buildings need to be moved to their rightful place at the top lefthand space (whenever that area is opened up).

  6. Got up to Big Thunder expecting a 12 hour wait for the curse to lift. Turns out it’s a 48 hour wait – yes, 2 full days! Curses – that must be some curse.

  7. I am no where near ready for any Jungle book content but am really enjoying reading this and anticipating what’s coming! I just got the quest to welcome Bullseye o it will be a while……..In the meantime I am working to level up all my characters and rearange my kingdom. Hope there’s not another event soon as I spent all my gems on Mulan chests…..Good news I got everything except mushu!!

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