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The Flower and Garden Festival Pt. 2 : Food, Drinks and Merch [Disney Adventures]

Welcome back!  While the flowers and gardens of the festival were amazing as you can see from PART ONE of this little mini-adventure, we spent a lot of time at the festival, collecting merch, eating delicious treats and going on a scavenger hunt through the world showcase.  That’s the most special part of the festival really, is that there is simply so much to do.  Now that we had the topiaries and gardens out of the way, it was time to fill our bellies and spend money on goodies to remember the day.  What did we buy?  More importantly, what did we eat?  Read on to find out!



I’ll admit it.  I like to buy things.  I collect things even when I know my life doesn’t have room for one more collection.  That’s just how I am.  Given that we just started our pin collection a few weeks ago, I decided it might be fun to purchase a pin that was specific to special adventures we went on at Disney.  This would be a fun way to remember them by…other than, you know, writing this blog.  We purchased the Passholder exclusive Figment Pin as well as the Festival Mickey and Pluto pin.


I’ve also found that I really like collecting the limited edition Magic Band 2’s that have been coming out.  I purchased the Flower and Garden magic band, making it my first blue magic band and my fourth Magic Band 2!


Food & Drinks

As you enter the park, you can grab a small passport that will let you add stickers to each section as you complete parts of the festival.  It’s a great way to track everything that you saw and did during the day, and then, if you come back, it’s a great way to hit up anything that you missed.  Carl took the helm of our passport, making sure we didn’t miss a thing.


We started our culinary delights at the Pineapple Promenade where we tasted a Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade.  It was quite refreshing but very much a lemonade, which is not usually my favorite thing.  Still, it was a great way to kick us off.


We then swung by the nearby Berry Basket to grab a dessert, the Warm Wild Berry Buckle, which was a combination of a warm tart with berries and sorbet on top.  It was delicious yet not overly sweet.  Our favorite.


China was hands down one of our favorite places food wise and if we return to the festival we’ll be sure to swing by for seconds.  We ordered the Beijing style Candied Strawberries, which had a hard handy coating topped with sesame seeds, and the Dragon Pearl Drink, which was basically alcoholic bubble tea with honey.  OMG, both of these were so good.  If we could only go back to one country to eat, this would be it!


In Japan, we tried the Frushi, or if you will, the fruit sushi.  It was just okay.  I think I would rather just have regular sushi.  But this is great for the less experimental foodies out there.


At Florida Fresh, we couldn’t resist the Watermelon Cucumber slushy.  By this time in the day it was starting to get quite hot and this was exactly what we needed to cool off and finish out trek around the world.


By now our stomachs were starting to grumble so we stopped in at the Cider House and grabbed a Pear Cider-brined Shredded Cabbage Corned Beef and ate it along side a cold Black Cherry Hard Cider.  China was amazing for the sweats, but the UK nailed it when it came to a savory snack to get us through the mid day hungries.


Before we left, I couldn’t help but grab one more sweet beverage and this one turned out to be one of my favorite things.  In fact, I barely let Carl have any!  The Maple Popcorn Shake can be made with or without whisky and it has a sweetness to it like eggnog.  Plus you get some tasty caramel popcorn at the end!


There’s plenty of food left for us to try but we full enjoyed what we did try and found the pricing of everything to be very reasonable.


Another fun way to see the world at the festival, especially for children or families, is the eggstravaganza egg hunt!  To start, you simply have to purchase the map and stickers at one of the shops carrying Festival Merch, of which there are many.  From there, you’ll trek to each country, searching for the hidden egg.  As you find them, you’ll put the sticker of the corresponding character onto your map!  But be warned, while some of the eggs are easy to spot, others like to hide away within their countries.


Donald in particular was hiding high above us, just watching as we frantically searched.


Meanwhile, Pluto made it no secret where he was and we spotted him within seconds.


At the end, you’ll turn in your completed map and grab an egg of your choice.  I picked Mickey, because, well, he’s Mickey.  But I think I might need to go again for that Stitch on the right side.


Final Thoughts

Wow, the Flower and Garden Festival was so amazing I needed two whole posts just to cover it.  We had such a blast and are already to return for more fun.  We really want to see the nighttime portion of the event and go to some of the concerts as well.  The Festival runs until May 29, so there’s plenty of time to get over there and smell the flowers, drink the beer flight, and snack on everything in sight.  Trust me, you’ll have a blast!

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