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Comics July 9th – First Impressions

Hello all, As I mentioned in my Sunday post, my updates will be a little out of whack for this week since I was on vacation over the weekend.  Don’t worry, everything will be sorted out by next week.  Anyway, there was a new episode of First Impressions, […]

Comics July 2 – First Impressions

This week was another great week for comics.  This week, Carl and I talk about Rocket Raccoon, Batman Eternal, Spider-man, The Woods and Earth 2.  Check out our First Impressions and let us know yours in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube.

The Children’s Birthday Party

Walking into a four year old’s birthday party is sort of like walking onto the site of a natural disaster.  Everything is destroyed, there are bits of debris everywhere, blood has spattered the floor and in the distance you can hear a baby crying. Let’s rewind a little. […]

First Impressions Comics – June 11

New episode of First Impressions Comics is now up. This week Carl and I discuss everything from Batman Eternal to Figment and even some fancy independent one shots.  Check out the video below and make sure to like a subscribe for more reviews and impressions.