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How to Prepare for the Launch of DC Legends

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I woke up this morning knowing that November had arrived, which could only meant that DC Legends, the new mobile game which lets you create your team of super heroes, villains and undecideds, is just on the horizon.  We now know the game will officially launch this Thursday, November 3rd.  I’m starting to get super excited and I think you should be too.  In the meantime, here’s how to get prepped for the release.



Pre-registering for mobile games is the new hot craze and this one comes with an extra Wonder Woman character for you to play.  This isn’t just a different costume people.  This is a whole other character with different moves so it is definitely worth it for you to go to the site and get registered ASAP.  After all, we may only have a couple more days.  To do this, GO HERE!


Plan Your Team

It’s time to start thinking about who you want to be on your team!  While powers and abilities are sure to make a big dent in your decision, I think it’s worth it to start considering which characters you love and what type of player you are.  Are you super defensive?  Do you like an all-out attack?  Do you prefer magical abilities?  All of these things will help to cater your team to your play style.  And there are loads of characters to play so this is a good time to start thinking about it!


Follow DC Legends on Social

DC Legends is already releasing cool content on their social media and it’s a great way to get a head start on the game.

Follow them on FACEBOOK

Follow them on TWITTER

Just yesterday we got this awesome preview of Raven so it’s definitely worth it to click that follow button.

Join the Community

As someone who has become entrenched in the Disney Mobile Games community, as you will know if this isn’t your first swing by this here blog, I’ve become aware of how important it is to have a community to go to in order to ask pressing questions.  Luckily, blogger Carl Li and I have created a nice friendly place where you can ask questions to your heart’s content, share content and get to know other players around the world.  Head over to our Facebook Group, DC Legends Unite to join the fight!


DC Legends will hopefully be out very soon and i could not be more excited!  So?  Are you excited?  This is a big leap for this blog to cover something Non-Disney but I love DC Comics so much I simply couldn’t ignore it!  Let me know if you’ll be playing this one day one in the comments!

Join our DC Legends Facebook Group

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  1. So far, the plan is to stay away from this one as Magic Kingdoms has essentially received the deed to my soul. But, if it continues to look cool, I may carve out some time to try it. I’m more of a Marvel guy myself (and it’s now DISNEY!!!), but I also enjoy DC’s universe, especially in TV format.

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