Welcoming Shank and Fix-It Felix Jr. and Building Slaughter Race – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello fellow shankers and death racers.  Today we will be continuing our adventure through Ralph land as we work to welcome a couple more characters as well as build another attraction, all in preparation of welcoming Veneloppe and dressing up two more Princesses in the very near future.  Let’s jump in!


Welcoming Fix-It Felix Jr.

Felix is a premium character, which means you can purchase him for gems or partake in the promotion to get him along with the Giant Cherry Stand.


This is the way I went.  So far I’ve found him quite helpful with Shank, making me happy I picked him up.  Although, if I’m being honest, the best part about Fix-It Felix Jr. is his Welcome Video which is one of my favorite in the entire game.


As soon as Felix is welcomed, you’ll get a side quest, but I suggest putting it off for a bit and just focusing him on helping to collect Shank’s tokens.


Welcoming Shank

Shank requires quite a few tokens, all of which take at least 4 hours unless you’ve got Felix on the job!


You’ll need 15 Wifi to get Shank onto the battlefield.


Shank’s Gloves

You’ll need 20 of these biker gloves to get Shank.  Felix is your best bet, while other characters will take 4 Hours.


Shank Ears Hat

Wow, that is a truly ugly hat.  Ahem.  Anyway.  You’ll need 15 of these and luckily, Veneloppe can help!  Unluckily, she’s not welcomed yet.  Stick to Felix as well as Daisy and Yesss for these.


Keep the pace up and pretty soon you’ll have your very own Shank!  Wow, that sounds so weird to say.


Shank will immediately meet up with Ralph.


Note that Welcoming Shank will finish off one set of Wreck-It Ralph characters and earn you 12 gems!


The Story Continues

Ralph is less than subtle in trying to coerce information out of Shank.


The two of them will head off on a 4 Hour quest together.


As soon as this is done, Shank decides to go track down Veneloppe on her own.


This task will require Shank to be level 2.


Below, you will find Shank’s level 2 Requirements, which are luckily pretty easy to come by.


At level 2, Shank will get a side quest, but I recommending shelving it for now as it is not needed to progress the story.


Ralph and Shank are at odds with each other because, you know, she’s way cooler than he is.  Honestly, I’d pick her for dodgeball over Ralph any day.


Ralph will be sent out on a 6 Hour task to look for Veneloppe ANGRILY!  I imagine this looks a lot like me searching for my car keys every. Single.  Morning!!!


Building Slaughter Race

At long last, Ralph will realize that the only way he’s going to find Veneloppe is to return to the horrifying world of Slaughter Race.  Ironically, that’s also where my keys usually end up.


The time will finally come to build your final attraction for this event.


Slaughter Race requires 13,500 Event Currency, takes 8 Hours to build and requires Shank to be at level 3.

The good news is that once built it will help you with Shank’s tokens as you work to level her up.


I should also mention that it looks pretty cool once built.


That’s it for today.  I’ll continue in the next post as we get closer to unlocking more Princess Pajamas as well as finally unlocking Veneloppe in the final stretch of the event!  Who’s with me?  We can do this!!!



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  1. I’ve been pretty on-pace with you for most of this event, so it’s been more of a recap, which has been fun. However, some real-world commitments put me behind in this section of the game, so I’m glad I was able to get a little more info on what to look forward to in the next day or so. Glad to have you back!!!

    • Ditto. Way behind now on Jasmine tokens. Not a game to play if one has a very busy work/home life. May have to say goodbye to it in 2019🙁. Hope the festive update works more in my favour……💜X

  2. I’m also keeping up with you. But I’ll probably mothball most of these event attractions (except for the Princess’s Dressing Room) after the event so that I can ring back some of my more favored attractions. Also hoping I can buy the Steamboat since I keep missing it with the Platinum slot machine.

  3. I’ve completed the tasks and have Shank at lvl 3 but am still not allowed to build slaughter race 😦 any idea why?

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