Ariel’s Comfy Costume and Finishing the Wreck-It Ralph Event – Disney Magic Kingdoms

And so we come to the end of another Disney Magic Kingdoms event.  Our heats are full, our wallets are empty and our Ariel’s are once again trying to make it all about them.  If you’ve managed to make it this far, I definitely must congratulate you as this has been one of the longest, most challenging events I’ve ever seen in this game, and since I’ve been playing since release day, that’s a pretty weighty sentiment.  With formalities out of the way, let’s do this thang!

Welcoming Ariel

As soon as you finish fighting the virus you’ll be tasked with welcoming Ariel.  I already did this back when the Little Mermaid event was on, but if you didn’t, you’ll have some tokens to collect.  Now, if I remember correctly, Ariel’s tokens were probably dinglehoppers, teen angst necklaces and the ‘falling-in-love-with-someone-for-their-looks-and-NOT-their-personality’ hat.


Once welcomed, Ariel will realize that coming to this kingdom is the most wonderful moment of her life.  For those keeping track, that means that our kingdoms beat out her wedding day and the day she convinced her father that at 16 she was old enough to run off, get married and leave her family behind forever.


Comfy Clothes Time!

Cinderella shows up, proving once again that she’s much more useful to the kingdom when wearing pajamas.


Cinderella has learned the power of friendship.  I’ve learned the power of epic fabric drops.  We’ve all learned something at least.


Cinderella’s wish is that there can be even more pajama wearing in the kingdom.  My wish is that fabric wasn’t the rarest commodity in the land.  We all have wishes I suppose.


At this point you’ll be instructed to start working on Ariel’s Comfy Costume.


BUT WAIT!!!  Vanellope will need to be at Level 2 before you start working on the outfit.


Getting Vanellope to Level 2

Luckily, this is not a tall order and should go relatively quickly.  I’ve screen-shotted the small selection of tokens she’ll need below.


Ariel’s Costume Requirements

At long last, you’ll be able to start crafting the final costume of this event.

Glitched Fabric

Once again, you’ll need glitched fabric.  Once again, it isn’t too hard to come by and you’ll only need 15.  Make sure Mickey is in his Pirate Costume and get that mouse dancing!


Comfy Ariel Fabric

Okay, let’s just be honest.  These are going to go down as one of the most hated tokens in the game.  They rarely IF EVER drop, and while you only need 10, getting even one per day seems like a hefty challenge.  All I can say is:  GOOD LUCK!


Bundle Details

You can also buy a bundle with Ariel’s comfy costume, which given the low drop rate of her fabric, I imagine more than a few people will do.  At 4.99 and coming with 40 gems, it certainly isn’t the worst deal I’ve seen.


Finishing the Event

With Ariel’s costume made, she’ll reunite with Cinderella and the others.


Ariel has once again been looking for helpful items to hoard and luckily it seems she’s found a debugging tool of all things.


And just like that Cinderella and Ariel head off to investigate the tool together.


You’ll be rewarded with a thank you for playing and the knowledge that you worked your butt off to complete this event.


Ariel actually can do a task that let’s her sit in the dressing room with the other’s but she needs to be at level 10 for it to happen.


It’s fine though, I talked to the other Princesses and they prefer she not be there anyway.  Don’t worry ladies.  I got your back on this one.


And so ends another event!  Wow, what a crazy one this was.  I never thought getting costumes could be so very challenging.  I’m happy for it to be over though as Wreck-It Ralph is certainly not one of my favorite Disney films.  That being said, I wouldn’t say no to more Comfy Outfits in the future as that dressing room is the size of Kansas and could use some more visitors.

I also want to mention that next week I will be appearing as a guest on the Around the Kingdom Podcast, so make sure to listen for me there as well!  I also plan to do a predictions post for 2019 so stay tuned!

How did you do on the event?  Will you make it to the end or come up short?  Let me know in the comments and good luck!



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  1. Thanks for another great post. Thanks, also, for sharing that there is an Ariel bundle just in case we need it. I have been setting timers, but my drops have been crazy low since Yesss and I only have 8 fragment tokens after 3 days of trying, and only 5 days left to finish that, then try to get the comfy costume. My Canadian dollar will put the cost at a bit more than your U.S. but it’s not too steep and great as a back-up. Despite the challenging drops, I have been enjoying this event immensely, finding it rather epic, both in length and in how many characters are participating for ec and such (not to mention the size of the dressing room). I see on the DMK Facebook page that there have been some hints that we may still have a Christmas update with our parks decorated in the usual bits of snow and twinkles, but we shall have to wait to see if this will in fact happen. I look forward to your predictions for 2019. In the meantime, congrats on finishing the event. Cheers.

  2. I started playing since April so I had to welcome Jasmine and Belle. Belle alone took a week and virus drops for Vanellope was a few a day despite having all the characters giving it their all. Finally got her last night and now seeing if unlocking Ariel’s comfy outfit is do-able and worth it in the last 3 hours of the event. Thank you for sharing the info/storyline!

  3. With 30 minutes left of the event, I was 2 Mermaid Fabrics short, so the bundle came in handy. I still didn’t manage to get the Striking Good statue in this event, which made me sad since I have all of the others. 😢

  4. I didn’t get Ariel or her comfy costume and their needs to be another chance to get her and her comfy outfit without using the Legendary chests and by wasting our gems on them

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