Building the Princess Dressing Room and Welcoming Spamley – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and welcome back from your Thanksgiving comas!  I, for one, was still so full today that I had to be rolled into work.  And yet, here I am after a 12 hour shift ready to regale you with tales of building Princess Dressing rooms and welcoming weird side characters that no one knows (Unless you’ve had the good fortune to see Wreck-It Ralph 2 already.) . This article will cover everything from the moment we welcomed Ralph to the moment we welcome Spamley.  To Welcome Ralph and Calhoun, head HERE!  OR, if you want some tips on the event as a whole, head HERE!  OOOORRR if you just want to see my cry because the Princess Dressing Room is the size of a small amphitheater then sit back, relax and continue further into this article!


Building the Princess Dressing Room

Right after welcoming Ralph, you’ll need to send him on a quest to not act like a giant pile of obvious.


This quest entitled Task.Act.Natural will take 2 hours.


Next up, Venelope will decide to get the lay of the land.  She’s discovered that the kingdom is covered in Viruses.  At first, I thought she was talking about the Little Mermaid characters, but it turns out we’ve got actual viruses running around.  Who knew?


At this point, you’ll be asked to build a small country…er…I mean the Princess Dressing Room.


The Princess Dressing Room will cost you 500 Event Currency, take 4 hours to build, and take up more space than a truck warehouse.  Apparently the Princesses need more room to dress than the Lion’s need to run their kingdom on Pride Rock.  Surprise!  I recommend putting away approximately 19 attractions, 17 concession stands and 53 benches to make room for it.


The Quest Continues

At this point, Venelope will realize she’s in a pretty kooky place.  I was slightly confused because all the things she named, sparkly-ness, talking animals and cartoon characters gave me the impression that she had actually stumbled into my apartment.


Ralph has noticed a lot of pop-ups, which again, feels a little too real.


But wait!  If there are pop-ups we must be getting close to finding Spamley!  That’s a reference that everyone gets since the movie just came out, right?!  RIGHT!?  Anyone?


At this point you’ll be asked to do some crowd control.  Ralph WILL need to be at level 2 to make this bit of magic happen.


Below you will find Ralph’s very reasonable requirements to reach level 2.


Ralph will also get a side quest at level 2 that you can do at your leisure.


Welcoming Spamley

Once crowd control is done, you can finally welcome Spamley!!  I was super excited because I’ve always liked Disney Magic Kingdoms as a game, but what I’ve always thought was missing was weird meat that makes slurpy noises when you take it out of its can.


Wait … this guy doesn’t look like oddly processed meat at all!

In any case, you’ll need 5 Wifi, 2,500 Event Currency and the following new tokens:

Loot Finder Ad

There’s no way around it, this one takes a while to drop.  Send everyone you can!


Spamley Ears Hat

Coming in as one of the ugliest ears hats ever to be created, the Spamley Ears will make those who invested in Calhoun quite happy as she drops them in 60 minutes, as opposed to 4 – 6 hours like other characters!


Final Welcome

Once you grab all your tokens you can welcome your very own canned meat into the Kingdom!  Delicious!


Frozen Side Quests

If you have the Frozen characters you can do some fun side quests which involve Kristoff insulting Anna.  Always a good time!  I won’t be covering these, but they are a great way to grab some extra event Currency!


That’s it for today!  How are you fairing early in the event?  Do you feel good?  Bad?  Cold?  Sweaty?  I feel like Spamley gave me food poisoning.  Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this one so far. I felt like the Little Mermaid event found the perfect balance of difficult without completely consuming every moment of free time I had. I’m not sure this one strikes the same balance. We shall see.

  2. Welcome back, Jaysen. And I think Tim was thinking of Jayden who is on a popular Disney World Youtube network.

    I’m almost up to welcoming Spamley and I’ll learn more about him when I see the movie tonight. And about that Princess Dressing Room. I had to delete two Aladdin attractions so that I could keep the new land behind Small World open for all of the other attractions coming up. I’ll probably delete the dressing room after this event is over to regain space.


    I didn’t realize it until I’d already spent 3k of my hearts. TBD whether I’ll kick myself for it when it comes to building the internet or something else down the road.

  4. Am I the only one to notice I need event currency to Welcome Cinderella? I’m pretty disappointed considering I was ready welcome her before the event started if it was not for leveling up another character.

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