I’m Gonna Wreck-It – Starter Guide

Hello fellow wreckers of the interwebs!  And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!  Today I’m thankful that turkey is something I only have to make once a year!  With the Wreck-It Ralph event kicking off today, I’ll be doing a couple posts in order to split things up in (hopefully) some meaningful way which will make understanding the event a little easier.  This first post will deal more with the basics of the event.  In the next post, I’ll talk welcoming some characters so stay tuned all day!  I haven’t written about an event in a while so pardon me while I stretch these old writing muscles.


Starting the Event

Upon logging into the game, you should be greeted with a quest to get you started by welcoming Ralph.  The thing to know right now is that the event is going to throw a Thanksgiving meal’s worth of info at you right out of the gate.  It’s totally okay to take your time and become accustomed with all these systems.  If this is not your first event, a lot of this is going to seem pretty familiar, BUT if this is your first time, well it might feel like a lot.  Take it one step at a time, one quest at a time, and one token at a time and you will be just fine.


Something I like to do at the start of an event is to take EVERY character back from visiting home.  This can take a lot of time for long time players, but being able to go through everyone and see if they are able to collect event currency before sending them back home really makes me feel prepared for the event ahead and also ensures that no one who could be helping is sitting at home doing nothing.  The only person who gets to sit at home and do nothing is my husband.  HEYO!

Things kick off with Merlin feeling pretty much how I feel every morning:


Pop-Up ADS

The First quest you’ll be given will ask you to welcome Ralph:


We’ll come back to welcoming Ralph in my next post, so let’s jump to your next quest:


I have to add that Venelope’s dialogue is really meta and makes me question what I’m doing with my life…img_2087img_2088

Ultimately, this will lead to her needing you to get rid of pop-up ads.  You know, those things that make the internet (and certain mobile games, cough cough) a pain to play!



You will be asked to start clicking on POP-UP ADS, BUT DO NOT DO IT JUST YET!!!  The Pop-Up ads CAN drop an item you’ll need, but you’ll need to start the next quest first.


Once you do start clicking them, they’ll look like these adorable little monsters:


Tapping Viruses

The other tapper we’ll have to contend with is a tapper that requires a bit more than just tapping to get rid of.  Venelope will also kick us off here.


Aww, if only fart noises were the worst thing we have to worry about on the internet…


The Viruses require you to gather two types of tokens which you will then use to send one of three characters to go fight the viruses. 


For a deeper dive at the process, here is the in game tutorial:


By clicking on a Virus, you will see this menu.  


You will then click on the individual tokens needed to see what drops them.  Oh!  Would you look at that!  The Pop-Up Ads drop one of the tokens!  I told you to wait, didn’t I?  Now that you have this open, go ahead and click on Ads to your heart’s content.


You’ll also want to get Goofy and, if you bought her, Calhoun started on grabbing the Virus Trackers.  That being said, Goofy is actually your best bet as Calhoun’s hour long quest to get these also drops several other tokens for Ralph, making the chances of getting a Tracker less likely.


Once you have the items in hand, you can send Mickey, Calhoun or Ralph (Who you won’t have yet) to defeat the virus.  Upon defeating it, the Virus should drop Wifi tokens, which are needed for Wreck-It Ralph Characters.


You are going to want to constantly be defeating viruses throughout the course of this event.  Don’t ever save up resources to fight them as you can cap out on the tokens needed to defeat them, which means they won’t drop any more and you’ll be wasting valuable time.  Good rule of thumb, if you can defeat a Virus, DO IT!


I want to just take a moment to mention that you can grab Calhoun as well as the new Parade Float at a value by going to the gift box icon in the Event Menu, always found at the bottom of the screen:


Event Menu

There’s a lot of info in the Event Menu, but I want to point out that this is a great place to know how much time you have until new things open up.  In particular, you can see when new characters will drop as well as the much anticipated Princess Costumes:


That’s all you need to know to get started!  In my next article we’ll be talking about welcoming Ralph as well as Calhoun so keep an eye out for it!  Feel free to ask questions here or in our Facebook group for the game, linked below!




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