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Welcoming Ralph and Calhoun Guide – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all!  If you are looking for a quick guide on getting started with the new event, make sure to check out my Event Starter Guide!  However, if you are ready to get down to business and start welcoming characters then you are in the right place!  Let’s jump in with Ralph, the first character you’ll be welcoming!


Welcoming Ralph


Okay, I want to address Wifi, because from here it looks like nothing gets it right now.  Wifi is actually obtained through a complex tapper called the VIRUS.  You will get a quest to defeat your first one and you can also check out my Starter Guide for more info.  Those of you who have played an event before will know this as the currency which all characters will need and will require constant work on the tappers throughout the event.


Hero Medal, Left Side

Calhoun is your best bet for the Medal, but Mickey is not bad either.  Note that Mickey will need to be in his original outfit for this so bye-bye Steamboat Mickey!


Ralph Ears Hat

Again, Calhoun is going to be very helpful with the Ralph Ears Hat, BUT Woody will only take 2 hours to get it, which isn’t bad at all.


Event Currency

I am not going to take a photo of every character on this one as the list is long but I LOVE that you can scroll through to see everyone who drops currency!



You will need to get started with Virus Deleting in order to get Ralph.  Make sure to constantly delete viruses so you always have enough Wifi to welcome new characters throughout the event.


Final Welcome

Complete this fairly easy list of requirements and Ralph will join your Kingdom!!!


Welcoming Calhoun

Calhoun is a Premium Character.  You can buy her with gems but the best bang for your buck is to purchase her through the in-game promo.


Once she is welcomed, she’ll help with Ralph and future characters as well as the early Comfy Princess Costumes.


She also looks totally awesome running around the Kingdom!!!

Between this and the Starter Guide, you should be well on your way to getting this event started.  I’ll have another post out on the Quests that lead to the next portion of the event just as soon as I get through them.  I’d love to know any questions here or in our Facebook Group OR you could just tell me what amazing things you’re doing this Thanksgiving!  Either way, drop a like and a comment!



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