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Building The Internet and Cinderella’s Comfy Outfit – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello fellow DMKers.  I hope you are all getting along this well and recovering from your turkey comas.  Today we’ll be taking a look at the next steps after welcoming Spamley, but before the next unlock of content.  We’ll also be dressing up a Princess in pajamas!  Mind you, anyone who asks me what I’m doing on my phone while I am dressing said princess will receive an answer such as, but not limited to:  “Looking at sports.”  “Thinking about my chest hair.” OR “Reading manly news.”  So let’s jump in and see what comes next!

Building the Internet

Obviously a super easy task, ask any coder, we begin our journey to build with internet with Spamley, which is entirely suiting.  The first quest you’ll get will be a 2 hour quest for him to surprise you.  Not likely.


Afterwards, he’ll report his findings to Ralph.


For your next quest, you’ll need to level up Spamley to level 2.  Once that’s done, you’ll be able to browse some ALL-NEW photos!


Here are Spamley’s level 2 requirements.


Side Quest – SKIP FOR NOW

Once Spamley hits level 2, you’ll get a sidequest.  Feel free to skip this for now in favor of Event quests which progress the story.


The quest you SHOULD be doing is a 6 HOUR mission involving browsing photos.


Security is on the fritz which apparently makes Ralph look like me in the morning before my first three coffees.


Your next Ralph quest will come in the form of an 8 hour quest to Look Harder.


At the same time, Spamley will need to protect himself against the virus.  But to do so he’ll first need to hit level 3.


I should mention that at this point you will get the quest to get Cinderella’s Comfy Outfit, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

Once Ralph and Spampley finish their quests, it’s time to build the Internet!


The internet will cost 5,000 event currency, but has the advantage of dropping all sorts of event related tokens.  The attraction will take 8 hours to build.  Just like the internet in real life only took 8 hours to build.  Here at JaysenHeadleyWrites, we believe in learning facts while you dress up Princesses.  Speaking of which…


Cinderella’s Comfy Outfit

First thing’s first.  You’ll get a quest to welcome Cinderella.


Much like all of us who already HAVE Cinderella, Merlin is a bit confused by all of this.


Provided you’ve already welcomed her, this will be the easiest quest of your adult life.


Cinderella arrives on the scene with hearts making dreams!


But Merlin quickly realizes that her dress is SO last season and will lose his wizarding mind.


If any of what Merlin is talking about makes sense to you, congratulations!  You’re crazy.  If not, let’s just move along to Cinderella’s requirements.


So far, Cinderella will be the hardest part of this event.


You’ll need a wopping 10 wifi, which will mean constantly working towards defeating Viruses.


Glitched Fabric

The Princess Dressing Room should drop these fairly regularly.  You can also dress Mickey in his Pirate outfit to help, and once Calhoun is at level 2 AND you’ve built the internet, she can help.


Don’t use Calhoun to get fabric.  Because the other fabric takes so long, you should instead use Calhoun to build up wifi.  Regardless of whether you get all the glitched fabric super fast, you’ll still be working on the Comfy fabric so it makes more sense to spread out your characters and tackle all the tokens at once.


Comfy Cinderella Fabric

The moment you get to the point where your next step is to Welcome Yesss, get Ralph and Spamley to work on these.  They will for sure be the step that takes the longest.


Before long you’ll have her outfit and will be sent off on a quest.


And show off those clothes she will … by relaxing.  Wow Cinderella, we’re really going above and beyond today, huh?


We’ll continue the adventure next time but for now, let me know how you are liking these costumes and how you are fairing in the event so far!!




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