Kicking off the Winnie the Pooh Event – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all and Happy First Day of the new event.  This might be…it could be…I think it is…my favorite event to date!  I’ll get to more on why I feel that way in just a bit, but in the meantime, we’ll be blasting through everything up to and including the quest to welcome Kanga, so saddle up, grab some honey, and let’s go!

Photo Mar 08, 10 01 00 AM

Starting the Event

The event kicks off by selecting a quest given to Mickey which will get Albus Dumbledore…er…I mean Merlin all up in your business as he tells you it’s time to welcome someone new to the Kingdom.

Photo Mar 08, 10 01 31 AM

Welcoming Tigger

Before we get into Rabbit, however, I’d like to briefly touch on Tigger.  Tigger can be welcomed through purchase with gems or through a bundle.  Either way, he’s friggin’ Tigger so you need him.  You’ll also get a Pooh Hat Stand if you buy him in the bundle, and I definitely needed that Pooh Hat Stand.

Photo Mar 08, 10 01 44 AMPhoto Mar 08, 10 02 47 AMPhoto Mar 08, 10 02 56 AM

Welcoming Rabbit

In order to welcome Rabbit, you’ll need to collect some tokens, as usual.  In particular is the Winnie the Pooh book which acts as a central token to all Pooh characters.  If you’d done events in the past, you’ll know how this works, but just in case, skip down a bit to see a quick explanation.

Winnie the Pooh Book

As of this photo, the full reqs for these had not populated.  Skip down to see more about them.

Photo Mar 08, 10 01 50 AM

Carrot Plant

These will CLEARLY be easier with Tigger who nabs them in 1 hour as opposed to Goofy’s 4.

Photo Mar 08, 10 01 56 AM

Rabbit Ears Hat

Again, Tigger is your best bet here.  Though Woody’s 2 hours isn’t too bad either.

Photo Mar 08, 10 02 00 AM

Before long, you’ll have yourself a cute little bunny wabbit!!!

Photo Mar 08, 10 53 50 AM

New Clicker How-To – Honey Bees

Honey bees have invaded the Kingdom.  Fun fact, I have a phobia of bees.  Thanks Gameloft for bringing my nightmares to life!  Here’s the deal.  You need to collect honeycombs and honey dippers, 2 of each, before you can send certain characters to mercilessly murder the bees.  No remorse!

Photo Mar 08, 10 03 21 AM

Below, you can see the characters (So far) who can collect these tokens you’ll need for bee killing.

Photo Mar 08, 10 03 28 AMPhoto Mar 08, 10 03 38 AM

Once these are aquired, you’ll send certain characters on a 2 minute quest to squash the bees, which will drop the Winnie the Pooh book.  Grabbing these should be a constant quest as you will need many more of them as new characters are introduced.  Never stop collecting them.  Just keep going for the duration of the event.  Trust me, you’re going to need them.

Pooh Gets Stuck

Rabbit will join the Kingdom ready for a peaceful day.  Sorry buddy, that just ain’t gonna happen.

Photo Mar 08, 10 53 56 AM

Pooh will climb a honey tree and immediately get stuck.  This provides an ongoing quest which I’ll explain later.  It’s also the cutest cutscene in the game to date.  It’s ALSO the reason this is my favorite update.  But again, more to come later in the post.

Photo Mar 08, 10 54 12 AM

New Clicker – Heffalumps

Rabbit is not having the day he planned on.  No sooner does Pooh get stuck do we we find a SECOND clicker.  That’s right, Heffalumps, Heffalumps.  My lovely lady Heffalumps.  Wait…no…that’s not how the song goes.  Scratch that.

Photo Mar 08, 10 54 22 AM

Luckily, you can find them easily by clicking their icon on the left side of the screen.  You’ll be able to tap five at a time, while waiting ten minutes in between batches.

Photo Mar 08, 10 56 20 AM

GUHH!  They’re so adorable and/or terrifying.  I can’t decide.  I need an adult!

Photo Mar 08, 10 56 35 AM

The Quest Continues

Stop everything!  Rabbit has decided to make a cake!

Photo Mar 08, 10 56 42 AM

Rabbit will head off on a 2 hour quest to make a list of ingredients.

Photo Mar 08, 10 56 52 AM

He’ll also discover he can’t spell words.

Photo Mar 08, 1 07 38 PM

So he’ll decide to think…about spelling words…

Photo Mar 08, 1 08 03 PM

Meanwhile, back in the main storyline, Rabbit has decided it’s time to save Pooh.  I usually save Pooh until I get home.  It’s just too weird in public restrooms.  Am I right?

Photo Mar 08, 3 08 21 PM

I think it’s best to stop here and remind Rabbit that Pooh is not, in fact, an infant still in the womb.

Photo Mar 08, 3 08 24 PM

At this point, Rabbit will start his quest to save Pooh by using his ladder to get up to the silly old bear.

Photo Mar 08, 3 08 29 PM

But what’s this?!  A new token?!  Whaaaaa??? I think we better take a closer look at this.

Photo Mar 08, 3 08 33 PM

The Quest to Welcome Pooh

You may have noticed that this update is villain-free.  That’s because Pooh, is essentially filling up that slot.  As the main quest continues, and we unlock new characters and new quests, we will gain the ability to quest for Pooh’s many tokens.  I LOVE THIS!!!  Oh my goodness I love it.  It creates this great sense that we don’t really know when we will unlock these tokens.  It also makes me really look at the quests I’m doing.  It is such a welcome change from normal villain slaying, and I hope we see this mechanic in more updates in the future.  For now, Rabbit can start to collect Pooh’s nightcaps, which is a good thing as we will need 40 of them!

Of course, please note that the other tokens ARE NOT available yet.  They will become available throughout the course of this event!

Photo Mar 08, 3 09 48 PM

As a side note, Tigger will also gain the ability to get these hats in a 4 hour quest.

Photo Mar 08, 5 11 27 PM

The Quest to Welcome Kanga

It’s at about this time that Rabbit will get fed up with doing all this very hard work of collecting hats and spelling on his own.

Photo Mar 08, 7 25 38 PM

It is at this point that you will get the quest to welcome Kanga, which will unlock tomorrow!

Photo Mar 08, 7 25 42 PM


I just wanted to make a quick note here that the only way to get the new attraction, Fantasmic, which drops tokens for Mickey’s Sorcerer costume is through Platinum Chests.  I’m happy to have it for the help on the costume, but I will shamefully say that Fantasmic is NOT my favorite nighttime show.  Aw well, everyone’s a critic, am I right?

Photo Mar 08, 11 44 32 AMPhoto Mar 08, 3 13 55 PM

And so we Wait

Now all that’s left is to wait until tomorrow.  I want to thank all of you for being patient as this post was not up nearly as early as I would have liked, and tomorrow’s is likely to be late as well.  In the meantime, please let me know how you are enjoying the event so far!

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20 replies »

  1. So, the obvious question … what’s your favorite nighttime show, Jaysen?
    (In the Disney parks, I hasten to add) 😉

  2. Yay!!! I am so happy that they are making Pooh getting unstuck the main event goal! It’s such a cute and fun way to enjoy these characters! And it’s awesome that they are getting more use out of the event arena that way, too!

    Those tapper bees are horrifyingly huge! I’m surprised all the guests don’t just run away never to return, but I’m thankful they are brave little souls without adults to protect them in the park…have you ever wondered about that?

    Anyway, thank so much for posting! I’m really enjoying this event and loving the changes so far!

  3. Lovin’ this event! Here’s a tip – the following characters also give you Pooh tokens: Buzz, Minnie, Hamm, Daisy, Woody, Bo, Jessie, Soldier, Charming, Will, Mike, Sully, Eva, Jasmine, Genie, Carpet, Cinderella and Tink. Make sure you return them to the game. I’m also speculating that instead of a battle, the gang will be doing all they can to get Pooh unstuck, just like in the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh movie. Can’t wait!

  4. You are so funny!!!! I absolutely love your articles and your great sense of humor! On. DMK note, this update is adorable and I’m loving loving loving it so far!!!

  5. So funny. Thanks for another DMK article. And CONGRATS on getting Fantasmic. I’ve opened 12 Platinum Chests… finally got Splash Mountain (it’s nice that they are now at least making some guarantees if spending money) and the POOH BEAR & CHRISTOPHER ROBIN FRIENDSHIP STATUE. Not sure how long it will take me to get Fantasmic…. I believe that it is now a permanent add to the Platinum Chests? Whomever at Gameloft came up with this idea to use the usual battle arena in this new and fun way, with Pooh Bear stuck in the honey tree…. kudos to them! Love it. Love it. Love it.

  6. Does anyone know what the time frequency is in which new scarabs spawn? Also, I got the message about the new Aladdin quests, but I’m finding these nowhere. How do you trigger them?

  7. So I’m going to try a new approach for this event. I’m not going to level anyone past level 6. That way characters whose missions get multiple tokens will only focus on the ones that I need for lower or hard to complete character unlocks. In the past I haven’t seen any characters required to be higher than that. What does everyone think?

    • That’s been my strategy for the last several events, and it’s worked so far! I’ve also found that the premium characters (for this event, Tigger and Eeyore) typically don’t need leveled up after level 3 in order to complete their event quests.

    • I go for that approach! I usually level the first few characters to unlock to 5-6, because I can’t remember an event where they’ve needed to be higher than that. And as the event progresses, I don’t think very many characters that have been later to unlock have even had to be as high as 5-6. I do it for the sake of event tokens though – ain’t nobody got time to quest for 300 bumblebees in the next three weeks.

    • I think you’re wise. However, keep in mind that you can’t accumulate more ‘Pooh books’ (bee rewards) than what’s required by the unlocked characters. If Tigger needs two, Kanga needs four and Rabbit needs four (I think that’s roughly where I was when they were all level 4), you can’t hold onto more than 10. I found this out the hard way when Tigger caught a bee and I got nothing! Waaaah.
      I’m keeping them at level 5 and seeing how that works for me, unless I get too many books and have to level someone up so I “need” more books. It looks like Pooh won’t need them, at least? Because he gets hats? I hope so. 🙂

      • That’s funny. I just figured that out the hard way too. Lost a bunch trying to get books when I didn’t need any.

  8. has anyone unlocked pooh’s second token yet? I’m at 34 on the hats and should hit the 40 soon. (By the way — I have noticed that the purple pooh nightcaps do not always drop — This IS slightly different than the villain challenges in that way — In the villain challenges, you were assured that sending characters on the quest got you nearer to defeating the villain — This time, sending characters to help get pooh unstuck “usually” yields a token, but not always) I’m wondering if the honey pot token unlocks after you reach the 40 hats or if they unlock after you welcome Roo, for whom I am 4 books, 3 drawings and 2 hats away. Anyone gotten this far?

  9. Ho ho hum hum. 16 hours without a drop for Winnie’s ears. No I won’t be spending real cash to get him, despite the incessant ‘buy me, buy me pop ups’. 3 tapping games on my phone, this may well be the first to go…….💜X

  10. Hi Jaysen! I’m missing your articles and was surprised when you didn’t write one on the LILO and Stitch update. I know that was your number one update you hoped for. I hope you’re doing ok ❤️

    • Hi! Yes I am very excited for it and yes I am super okay. My new book comes out on April 24 so I have decided to take a break from DMK articles to make time for the launch 🙂

      • Good! I’m glad to hear you’re great! Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome! Totally understandable to hit pause on DMK lol. I hope the launch goes splendidly!

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