New Event Starting Tomorrow – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello everyone!  Wow, it has been so long since we’ve talked!  How are you?  Have you been well?  Did you get that weird mole taken care of?  Are you sleeping enough?  Today’s post won’t be much new if you’ve already opened up the update in the app and taken a peak at what is to come.  But before we launch into the event, I thought it would be nice to say hello and get everyone together for a group hug and a look at what has changed and what’s to come.  So let’s jump in!


New Event Characters

The event was kept pretty hush hush, but we now know that Winnie the Pooh and friends will be visiting us on a very blustery day starting tomorrow!  This will come with 7 new characters as well as several new attractions!


Now some of you may know that Winnie the Pooh is pretty special to me.  In fact, a quote from the book can be found on my wedding ring.  That being said, I am quite excited about this event, and intend to get ALL the characters!

Fantasmic Mickey

Along with this, it seems we will be able to start collecting for Fantasmic Mickey as well as build Fantasmic.  This does not look to be time limited so get to collecting folks, but you shouldn’t have to rush this one.


New Legendary Chest Screen

We now have a new screen which allows for the purchase of Legendary chests and also shows off all the wonderful things you can win from them!


Send to Home from Quests

You can now send characters home directly from the quest screen.  I LOVE THIS!!! Such a nice addition to help speed things along.


New Hub for Collecting Home Potions

And last but not least, there is a cute little hub where you can now collect potions from your characters who have been sent home.  This one won’t change anything really, but it’s cute all the same!


See You Tomorrow!

Alright everyone!  I am super stoked to get started tomorrow.  That being said, I am traveling for work so my first post will not but up until around this time.  In the meantime, drop a comment, say hello and let me know what you’re excited for in this event!

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  1. I bought a Platinum chest from the new screen. I thought it was guaranteeing a Legendary AND an Epic reward, but it was guaranteeing one of them. It worked out well for me because I got the Fantastic attraction. I guess I really don’t need the Zootopia Race Track… I’ve lived without for this long.

  2. When they said in the game show broadcast that there would be 7 new characters, Pooh & Friends not only seemed like the best possibility, it was the one I was hoping for as well. Love Winnie the Pooh and my wife’s favorite, Eeyore, too. This might be my favorite event (providing I get all seven).

  3. I don’t know how my kingdom has been without Tigger bouncing and scampering all over the place. I LOVE HIM!!! This will be a fun event. I’m also kind of excited that there won’t be a villain. Nice to have smaller problems this time around. 🙂

  4. I’m not seeing the option for Fantasmic. When I go from the Sorcerer costume it takes me to the buildings page, but no Fantasmic. 😦
    I adore Fantasia, so I need this set! Any ideas?

    • I don’t know what we may find in the Amber Boxes on the calendar or it may be in a bundle to buy. You never know. Hope you get Fantastic.

  5. Am having a terrible time doing this with my grand baby (almost 5) – haven’t defeated anyone, Pooh still in Tree and no Alladin is popping up! We have acquired lots of buildings but have NO SPACE to put them on. I have sunk over $100 in 10 days into this game because she loves it and I think it’s adorable – although super frustrating at times. Is there a place I can buy a Hints, Cheats & Walkthroughs book? I know I need to defeat troublemaker Pete first – but how?! ANY help would be DEEPLY appreciated!

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