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“I am delighted that you were invited.  Extremely excited to be reunited.”  Truth time.  I originally watched this episode and began to write about it right after it aired, but sadly got caught up in real life and never posted the article.  After taking a couple weeks away, I realized I needed to rewatch the episode to refresh my memory of what I had loved about it so much.  Something was consistent between both of my viewings: I cried at the end.  It’s not that’s it’s a sad ending.  It’s just so well paced and executed that by the end it was fantastic to see Naomi’s family and friends all gathered together for her.  That being said, I loved this episode quite a bit and I am happy to report that it is finally time for me to tell you all the reasons why!  Let’s get started!

Screenshot (23)

Hello Madame.  I’ve brought you some buckets of water to wipe that smug look off your face because I’M IN CHARGE NOW!!!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the creators of this show really love Naomi.  After all, she has a knack for having the absolute best episodes and this one was no exception.  After almost leaving Avalor forever, Naomi is not set to have her very own quinceanera.  On a side note, I really wish you guys could see how I spelled quinceanera before I looked it up to see how it was actually spelled.  Ah, the words we don’t realize we don’t know.  Anyway, back to Naomi.  This is essentially an episode about her becoming a snob.  It’s the old ‘what happens when you give someone too much money and power to fast?’ story.  The reason this works so well is that typically Naomi is SO lovable that even though she’s downright awful by the climax of this episode, it’s easy to find it funny because we know that the real, caring, compassionate Naomi is hiding somewhere down below the surface.

Screenshot (21)

Oh boy, the judges on American Idol this year are just not having it. 

Really early on in this show’s life, I mentioned that I just didn’t care for Esteban and I swear the creators are holding me over a firepit and forcing me to like him because he is fast becoming one of my favorite characters.  Sure, in this episode he was a big part of turning Naomi into a toddler in a tiara BUT the way he did it was incredibly smart.  I think that even though the outcome was not great, the intention of taking Naomi under his wing shows a deeper heart to the character.  And can I just say that Esteban’s songs are becoming some of the high points of the show.  The material they have been giving him is just fantastic and while he’s still far from a hero, he’s quickly become a character that I look forward to seeing every week.

Screenshot (24)

Picture it now!  The upper class will stop being so mean to you.  Sure, your friends will hate you BUT think of all the royal buffets you can go to!  Royal buffets make everything better. 

I also really love that Luisa came to the rescue at the end.  Obviously, the kids are going to figure things out for themselves in most of these episodes.  That’s sort of the point.  But every so often, it takes someone older and wiser to say “You’re being a brat.” And she did it in such a classy way.  Oh, it was so good.  “Go give these to your friends.  Oh your friends aren’t here?  Well now, who’d have thought THAT would happen?!”  Winding this all back to the song from earlier in the episode rounds things out beautifully and seeing Naomi give the candles to her friends is just such a perfect moment.  What’s more is that the moment is completely earned by the writers and gives the episode a sense of coming full circle.  It may just be my favorite conclusion to any episode yet.  It’s that good.

Screenshot (25)

Yikes.  After this, I fear for whoever has to be Naomi’s bridesmaids.  Get ready for a dress you’ll burn after the wedding ladies.

I am very sorry that it took me this long to write about the episode because it is simply fantastic.  My Fair Naomi elevates Naomi to the heights of Elena as far as story telling is concerned.  If she wasn’t your favorite character before, she certainly will be after this.  My only hope is that the writers give this fantastic level of love and care to Mateo and Gabe in the future.  From great music to a hilarious “My Fair Lady” inspired story all leading up to a heartfelt and perfect ending.  My Fair Naomi is all about what really matters.  It’s not the glamour or the glitz.  It’s having your friends close by to celebrate life.  Even if that means having people around who can’t dance.

Screenshot (27)

Don’t worry Naomi, we’ll just tell everyone that Gabe and Mateo broke their legs and that’s why they dance so horribly.  

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  1. Hola Jason! i hope you’re doing well! I’ve missed your Elena reviews since this episode aired. I’m sorry to say, this was probably my least favorite Naomi episode so far. Esteban was a complete jerk as always! I understand what he was trying to do, but he still tore her down again, which wasn’t ok. I did like how Elena got Naomi’s parents to come back at the end. I also loved seeing Elena playing her guitar to express how she was feeling. She’s definitely her abuelos nietta. The only criticisim I have with our girl this time is why didn’t Elena stand up for Naomi when Dona and those other two women were picking on her? I know Naomi can hold her own, but even so. It would have been nice for Naomi to know her best friend was in her corner. Also, where was Isa? She should have been at dinner at least.

  2. I disagree with the moral they were pushing here. Luisa was right to disapprove of how Naomi was acting, of course, but publicly chastising someone in full public and forcing her to make a scene – on her own birthday, at that – just doesn’t sit right with me. Naomi isn’t a little kid, she’s 15, and she’s not even related to Luisa. This is something that should’ve been brought up in private after the party.

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