Where the Heck Have I Been?

Hello all and happy Friday!

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog you’ve probably noticed that my rate of posting has gone way down over the past month and I wanted to take a little time to address that.  The past couple of months have been a little crazy, you see.

Back in April, my Mom got sick and ended up in the hospital for some time.  This resulted in us both realizing the importance of health.  This means that I’ve now incorporated meal prep and daily exercise into my lifestyle, two things that weren’t there before.  This, in itself, eats away massively at my free time.


During all of this, I’ve also had to come to terms with the fact that what I was doing for my newest novel, originally due out this year, wasn’t working.  This meant doing a whole lot of soul searching and stepping back to really evaluate what had become of my writing habits.

I love this blog and am in no way calling it quits!  BUT I have to make sure to get control of this exciting new healthy lifestyle as well as pour myself into my next novel, and now that I’m working on it again, I can promise you guys it is going to be really special and unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  It’s almost scary how excited I’m getting about it.

That being said, I will still be posting here from time to time, but over the coming months it might just not be as frequent.  Whereas I used to post every day, I’ll only be posting once or twice a week.  You can still expect Disney reviews, gaming news and Elena of Avalor posts from me.  Just be patient and know that I’m working hard to continue to bring you content as I explore this strange new world of self care.

As always I am super grateful to all of you and can’t wait to share my next big project with you!  Until then, keep being amazing!


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  1. Hope all is well with your mom. Take care of your needs first and we’ll be patiently waiting for you.

  2. It’s been rough getting through this Zootopia update without you, but we’re all managing ok. 😉 Keep up the great work you’re doing in improving your happiness and health.

  3. I’ve wondered how you maintained this blog so well and had any kind of life! 😂
    Good to hear you’re taking care of yourself. Best of luck on the novel, and the best to your mom as well. Thanks for updating us.

  4. Hola Jason! I’m so glad to hear you and your Mom are doing better! I’ll pray for you two. While I’m excited to read more Elena of Avalor reviews, I want you to be okay. Concentrate on yourself. Selfcare is important. You’ve inspired me! I’m excited to see Realm of the Jaquins in August!

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