Welcoming Flash and Judy – Disney Magic Kingdoms

While I’m normally great about getting these articles out ASAP, a couple of things happened this time around which prevented that from happening.  For one, I’ve been working like crazy lately.  For two, I normally use gems to speed things up a bit, but after trying TWICE for the race track in platinum chests (with absolutely no luck), I was all gemmed out, so this time I’m going normal pace all the way, wait times and all!  That being said, I welcomed Judy this morning and have been working my way through the quests all the way up to starting work on Nick.  With all of that being said, let’s jump in and take a look at some new stuff as well as what you’ll need to welcome the cutest little bunny cop in town!


Welcoming Flash

There is no way I was not going to welcome one of my favorite characters of all time, Flash the sloth.  Flash can be gotten one of two ways.  Either you can purchase him through a promo, of which there are a couple versions, or you can buy him flat out with gems.  I chose the promo I was given, which gave me Flash and some gems.


This is then followed by the best welcoming sequence to ever happen. EVER!


Questing with Flash

Flash takes a while to do, well, anything.


Oh I love him so much.  But all slow speak aside, Flash is extremely useful in welcoming the other Zootopia characters as you’ll soon see.

Welcoming Judy Hopps

Because Zootopia characters are part of the main story and come late in the game, after Zurg and Randall, they are obviously going to take some time to welcome.  Judy is no exception as many of the quests for her drops last around the 4 to 6 hour mark and most require multiple character quests.


While these are the easiest to get, they’ll still take some time.  Flash and Aurora’s Spinning Wheel proved the best source of them.


Carrot Pen

This one will take a bit longer, but once again, Flash will take a much shorter time to collect these tokens.


Judy Ears Hat

This one proved the most challenging by far.  There are only a handful of quests to get them and they drop RARELY so be prepared to take it slow and rejoice every time one drops.


Before long, Judy will join the Kingdom and will be ready to report for duty!


Questing with Judy

Judy is on the case and ready to solve a very complicated case in the Kingdom.


Whereas Cinderella is dealing with missing shoes left and right, Judy has got some real first world problems going on.  After all, Kangarovna is on maternity leave!  MATERNITY LEAVE!  Don’t worry Kangarovna, I know an ill maintained theme park where you can leave those kids to eat churros and where anniversary hats for all eternity.  We’ve got you covered!


You’ll set off on the case by following the paper trail.  You’ll often have two quests at a time with Judy.  Just remember that whichever one is on top is always the one that will lead you towards the next story point the fastest.


For example, THIS quest below will move the plot forward, whereas the one above will not.


I’m starting to think Judy is not living in the same world as everyone else in the kingdom.  We don’t have a “Buffalo Academic Advancement Association.”  I think what you meant to say was “Benches Benches and more Benches.”


You’ll continue your quest for the Chief by asking around for him.  Sure Judy.  I’m sure Rapunzel knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about.


OMG, maternity leave and now domestic disputes!?  DMK is really taking a turn for the real life with this one.  Pretty soon I’ll have to pay bills and do taxes!


Building Zootopia P.D.

After a long quest, you’ll finally be able to build your very own police department.  Thank goodness. Someone has to stop Flynn from jumping on buildings and Roz surely needs to be arrested for wearing that sparkly sweater after curfew.  We have got a serious crime wave in this park!


The P.D. Will cost you 75,000 potions and will take 6 hours to build.


Aww, but it’s so cute once it’s done!  I can’t wait to arrest all these delinquent children and throw them in there!


The Road to Nick

After a short quest which requires Judy to be level 3, she’ll finally decide that perhaps Nick has seen Chief Bogo.


The search is afoot!  It’s time to welcome Nick! And that is where we will leave the storyline until my next post!  But in the meantime, let’s take a look at a couple of other new additions to this update.


Zootopia Parade Float

You can pick up the newest parade float for 35 gems and it will aid you in collecting Zootopia tokens.


It also features singing, dancing and tigers.  What’s not to love?!


Golden Zephyr

Merlin also has a new trick up his sleeve as he can now allow you to add the very sparkly and fun to watch Golden Zephyr to your park!


That’s it for this time around.  Let me know what you’re thinking of the update in the comments below and I’ll see you as soon as Nick decides to join my park!

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  1. What are the best things to buy for the least magic to throw inthe cauldron and get the most potions? I’ve been saving forever and mainly halfway to one of Merlin’s rides because I used all my potions on materials for costumes in the beginning.

    • I would say stick with the attractions over the chests since they these attractions only can be obtained with potions. While I like the Jumpin’ Jellyfish, I prefer the Zephyr because of its spinning lights.

    • All the items you can purchase with magic are only worth 2 elixirs in the cauldron, so none of them are very good. So technically the “best” is the classic bench since it is only 100 magic. But is is 500 magic to conjure it into elixir also which means 2 elixirs cost 600 magic. 15,000 elixir for an attraction means you’re spending 4.5 million magic. It’s also very very time consuming to place 7500 benches and then put them away to conjure into elixir.

      The only items worth anything only come from chests, which means there isn’t any real way to collect elixirs quickly. You have to be willing to do without chest obtained decorations or concessions, get lucky, or buy a butt-load of chests with gems.

  2. Don’t know why some of us got one offer while others got another one. I got a $14.95 offer for Flash, the Racetrack and gems (which I took). My question: While I’m at the same point as Jaysen, I have yet to see any Zootopia concessions or decorations being offered so far? Are they being offered yet?

  3. With you on the racetrack being difficult to get.

    Since Zootopia updated burned through 6 Platinum chests I had saved up and nothing. Then tried opening 5 more with gems, nope.

    Splash Mountain seemed far easier, for me at least.

    Think I will just give up on actively trying to get it. At least I don’t feel I *need* it like Splash Mountain. What is a Magic Kingdom without a Splash Mountain?

  4. Has anyone noticed that the portal to Adventure Land no longer says “Coming Soon!” when you click on it?! Does this mean…???!!!

  5. Heads up guys – Bogo takes a long time to get once you unlock him. I tried non- stop for days then used gems to skip the last few items and speed him up. Here’s hoping we get move into adventure land soon.

  6. What quest do I need to do with the green fairy to get Judy I’m confused how to get her do you need to buy merryweather

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