Diving into The Easter Update – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello my little Easter Bunnies!  After taking a delightful week off of mobile gaming to play Zelda and Persona 5, I’ve returned with the promise of a new update to DMK this morning.  While this is one of the smaller updates we’ve ever gotten, it comes packed with one huge improvement and some costumes to keep us busy for a while.   Hooray!  So get out your egg finding hats.  Put on your best set of bunny ears.  Let’s take a look at what’s new to the DMK universe!


Merlin’s Cauldron

In order to access the Cauldron spell, you’ll first need to level the old wizard up to level 2.  This should happen fairly quickly as the only one of the requirements that takes a bit of time is the spell book, and even that only clocks in at an hour.


Upon leveling him up, you’ll receive a quest to learn about the new spell.  It seems Merlin has noticed that the Kingdom is a bit cluttered.  We all noticed this about 8 months ago, but I suppose better late than never.  Perhaps it’s time to get that prescription checked out buddy.


You’ll receive a rather vague quest to tinker around with Merlin’s cauldron.


How the Cauldron Works

There’s a surprising amount of depth here to play around with so let’s take it all one step at a time.  The central idea here is that you can dump your most useless decorations into a cauldron, at which point it will spit out the current currency conversion rate worth of a new resource in the game called Elixirs.  Elixirs can then be used to purchase a plethora of items from Merlin.


The photo below provides a further breakdown of these concepts.


Cauldron Spell Basics

From the initial screen, you’ll be able to drag and drop your concession stands or decorations into the cauldron.  Looking at the lower left of this image, you’ll see a Cost in potions and a Reward in Elixirs.  Like anything in DMK, there is a cost to converting your trash into treasure.  The reward is the amount of elixirs you’ll get back after the transaction is finalized.  You can drag any number of unused concessions or decorations into the cauldron.

Looking to the right, you’ll see that each of these items you have will give you three numbers.  The first is how many elixirs it will provide for being cauldronized.  For Example, my 1-Stop Apprentice shop is worth 50 elixers.  Below, that, you’ll see that I have 2 of them in my inventory and below that you’ll see that I currently have placed 0 of them in the cauldron already.


Merlin’s Shop

To the upper left of Merlin is a button which looks like a present that is on fire with pink flames.  Clicking on this brings you to his Shop.

Here, you’ll have three tabs on the bottom that you can switch between.  Tokens, Kingdom and Chests.


Under Tokens you might find several different tokens, but for me, all I am able to see are cloth that I will need for the Easter Costumes.  I can use my elixers to purchase these if I so please.



Kingdom will give you the opportunity to purchase exclusive attractions such as the super cool Jumpin’ Jellyfish attraction!  It costs 15,000 elixers though so make sure to destroy as many benches and lampposts as you can spare!



You can also now purchase Chests from Merlin.  While expensive, this provides a great way to load up on those rare items during events and it doesn’t cost your precious gems!


All in all, this is a FANTASTIC addition to the game and one that is a long time coming.  I say that for more than just the reasoning that we’ve needed something to do with all those extra benches.  This addition really goes to show that the devs are listening and they want to make the game better for us.  That’s always a good feeling!


New Land

That’s right!  There is new land and if you aren’t looking for it, you might not even realize it’s there.  I know I sure didn’t see it at first.  At the back of Tomorrowland, there’s a new piece of land to grab for the low low price of 750,000 potions.  Yikes.  It will take 24 hours to unlock.


Magic Chest Improvements

In an interesting turn of events, chests now provide happiness, potions and an item!  Again, this is a great response to the outcries of the community.  These three items will come up as cards which you then flip to reveal.  It makes chests much more lucrative and alleviates the headache of waiting 12 hours for JUST potions.


Easter Costumes

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about here.  Is the fact that we have new costumes? Or is it possibly the fact that Pluto is getting bunny ears?!?!  Nope, there’s no competition, it’s the bunny ears.  Gah!  They’re so cute!!!  Okay Jaysen, focus.  Let’s take a look at requirements for each of these.  Keep in mind that despite my first impressions, these are only available until MAY 3, so get to collecting ASAP!


Mickey’s adorably dapper outfit seems fairly simple, with a few fabrics that might be tricky but nothing a few trips to Merlin’s won’t fix.



Goofy seriously looks like he’s finally hit retirement and is getting ready to wear a track suit every day.  Seriously, is this the Ed Harris from Modern Family costume?  Because that’s what it looks like.  Also, please tell me why I need 15 Goofy Hats for a costume with NO HAT!!!  Ahem.  Other than that, this one uses two easy fabrics therefore should be a cake walk.



GAH!  IT BURNS!  IT’S SO CUTE I CAN’T HANDLE IT!  GAH!  MUST!  LOOK!  AWAY!!  All eye-burning aside, this one is a simple gem purchase.  *Shamelessly clicks the ‘Welcome’ Button and never looks back.*  Also, keep in mind that Pluto in costume will be able to search for fabric for the other costumes, making him a worth while purchase.



Minnie’s costume might be my least favorite of the new one’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a cute spring time dress.  I just think it’s a little to fancy considering the other characters look so casual for the season.  Get with the picture Minnie!  Stop being such a show off!


That’s it for this update.  It’s not as big as recent updates but with Merlin’s Cauldron and some great new costumes, it certainly packs a punch and will greatly affect the game going forward.  What do you guys think about this one?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great resume! Excited about merlin’s stuff but the update didnt hit android yet! Only thing is that costumes are time sensitive til 3th may! 😫😫😫

      • I am on android too…just google the game…and when you pull it up, it will say UPDATE instead of INSTALL….click and update yourself!

  2. Thanks for the great summary. Didn’t know about the new land opening, which is very helpful. Actually, the only new costume I like is Minnie’s outfit. I guess I’ll say yes to the dress for 60 gems.

  3. You should add there is a new Easter concession that you can buy for 50 gems in the regular shop. It’s bunny hat ears!

  4. I love all the new info! Unfortunately the update hasn’t come through yet on my Android…….Hope it shows up soon!! I think my favorite part will be the chests. I am really tired of getting only magic after waiting 24 hours. Thanks for the detailed report!

    • I am on android too…just google the game…and when you pull it up, it will say UPDATE instead of INSTALL….click and update yourself!

  5. I had just started a platinum chest before I read this. If I wait to open it until I get my update will it reflect the changes nothing do I have to wait for the next chest?

  6. Very excited for new land! Although not to brag but I have been able to fit every attraction already, so now they will have a bit of room to breathe. And yay for the cool new Jellyfish ride! Can’t wait to get enough potions to buy it! ºoº

  7. I noticed a big downside to the update for us newer players who don’t have every attraction (particularly those that cost gems): now, if a kid wishes to ride an attraction, it opens the shop section for buildings to demand that we build a particular attraction. I’ve been a little low on happiness lately, and this is a major bummer because I’ve got 4 kids running around with wish bubbles that would have been easy to fulfill but instead are impossible to fulfill without building new attractions (I.e., spending gems). That part is disappointing, but I do really like the improvements to the chest rewards and the cauldron concept.

  8. I noticed that after my update today, each of my Nightmare Before Christmas characters suddenly have quests to complete. Did this happen for everyone?

    • That happened for me too! It’s so nice to see them being able to do something other than just collect magic.
      I love this column by the way!

    • Yep. Interestingly they’re quests I’ve allready had them do before, so it seems it’s like a reset for everyone. Hopefully they’ll do the same with other event characters. Really hate it that all quests disappear when the event is over 😒

  9. Thanks so much for all the info! It’s great to see all the new stuff and it’s awesome to know what spending gems can get you! Sounds like it’s the little update that thinks big! Can’t wait to dive in!

  10. Yes, my Nightmare before Christmas characters have started quests. I’m curious to see if it leads to anything. Anyone else think that the floating jellyfish might be a hint that the next update or event might be little mermaid?

  11. I’m so sad I won’t get the Minnie costume! It’s my favorite of all of them but I haven’t gotten the quest to welcome her yet 😦

  12. I’m working on leveling up Merlin to level 2. Does anyone know if we purchase a chest from Merlins shop, will we be able to open it immediately after purchase?

  13. Love the trade in option. Stupidly spend all my elixir on cloth before seeing the tabs at the bottom. Sooooooo regret that now! Oh well, live and learn. Had 13,000 and now gotta save for the jelly one all over!

    • It helps you but more of the same decoration in the cauldron at once. So you don’t have to swipe 100+ times to put all the benches in (something I found out when I was nearly done with it 😱)

  14. After my update this morning I noticed that several consessions, decorations and attractions have disappeared from my shop. does this mean they are gone forever. I will be disappointed if they are. Especially the frozen and Incredibles items. As a new player I didn’t participate in those events. I was saving my gems to buy the things that are now gone 😦

  15. There’s no way on earth I can afford 750,000 for the land I’m still trying to save for the 550,000 one next to it while levelling all my characters from 9 to 10 while we aren’t in a timed event! Crazy expensive! Super excited to aim for the Easter costumes though! And although I love the idea of the cauldron it just cost me 6 figures in potions to get rid of all my excess benches etc. so once again I’m not able to get either pieces of land haha! Vicious circle! x

  16. It’s worthwhile to note that Mickey’s tuxedo costume that cost us 120 gems finally shows it’s usefulness with the Musical Perfomance task. It can get both the blue & white fabric and the red fabric.

  17. I’ve unlocked the new cauldron spell, but I have tried everything and can’t drop items into the cauldron to get elixirs. I’ve tried dropping items already placed in the park and items in storage and all they do is disappear without going into the cauldron, so I’ve stopped trying that. I know it must be something super simple since I haven’t seen anyone ask this question on any forums. But if there are any tips on how to drop items in to convert them, that would be magical.

  18. I have to say , I am kind of sick of all these made up holiday costumes. Where are costumes based on the cartoons that made these characters famous. Sorcerer mickey, the brave little tailor mickey and queen minnie? Donald from mr duck steps out? Goofy in any of his sports goofy cartoons. Minnie in her blue dress with no shirt, steamboat willie mickey minnie and pete? Pete with the thug outfit? Daisy in her classic green dress? The ideas are many, but we getting the same old same old. What classic costumes would you guys like to see?

  19. Got the Jumpin’ Jellyfish and placed them next to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Hope Jose and friends don’t get a craving for seafood.

    • Very good point, but on one upside Mickey’s tux is at least the one he’s worn at WDW all my years going. Native Floridian here born in 72

  20. I forget how terrible the drop rate for fabric is.. usually the uncommon tokens are easier to get. I agree with David above, I want to see some real cartoon costumes – Sorcerer Mickey would be awesome, steamboat Willie costumes, rescue rangers for Chip n’ Dale, more love for Pete, Donald & Daisy, and Aurora’s blue dress.

    • Jason, do a quick Google search for disneyland easter and you can see where they got the ideas for these weird costumes. Tokyo Disneyland!

      So random.

    • Just hold down on the item you want, slid your finger over to the cauldron and let go! It took me awhile to figure it out too 🙂

  21. Does anyone know if there has ever been a discount sale on gem characters? Like there is on attractions sometimes ie 30% off. I have almost 300 gems saved up and I don’t know if I should spend them on a character or wait for an attraction sale.

    • Yes deals show up occasionally between events. Usually once an event ends, I’ll get a deal pop up for Boo or Wall-E. I haven’t succumbed yet but eventually I’ll have everyone leveled up to 10 and be bored between events.

  22. I haven’t had one white and blue fabric token drop since the update, and I have every possible way to get it. It may as well be a legendary token at this point. Looks like I’ll be purchasing all the fabric from Merlin.

    • I’ve only gotten two blue and white pieces. It seems like the fabric is all harder then necessary to get. The only way I have of getting the blue ones is chests…….And everything but bronze has disappeared from my kingdom! If I get close I’ll buy haunted Mansion but I’d rather not and I could get one piece from Merlin but I don’t have enough decorations for more than one piece so I’m definitely not doing that until I get four other ones!

      • I got all my fabrics today. I got my haunted mansion during the Halloween event but i just wanted to tell you i dont think i ever got the mansion to drop fabric for me once this whole event. The tangled characters worked ok for me.

  23. it should be easier to drop items to Merlin’s Cauldron, i tried many times but still failed…and i just gave up…

  24. Thanks David. Today I found both a gold and platinum chests so I hope I can get fabric in them. I’m going to wait a few days and collect the character tokens I need that could be in them so I have a little better chance at the coveted fabric. 🙂 I don’t have any characters that can collect it, my only option is the chests…….And Merlin’s shop if I get truly desperate

  25. I am considering buying my first legendary chest and I see that the possible rewards include frozen decorations……Is it very likely that I’ll end up with them? I have nothing from Frozen except the decorations and I would love a character or attraction. Is the risk worth the 60 gems?

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