New Update Brings Changes and Improvements – Club Penguin Island

Hello my waddle-worthy friends and welcome back to another adventure on the lovely getaway known as Club Penguin Island.  Please keep all flippers inside the boat at all times.  I will be the first to say that I am shocked at the fact that I am still playing this game.  While the launch of the game was rather rough, I found myself logging in every day to complete new tasks and explore any new quests the game had to offer.  All of that brings us to today as the first major update hits.  While it doesn’t add a whole lot of content, it continues the push to streamline the game and improve the interface.  Let’s bounce into our water tubes and check it out!


New Interface

The first thing you’ll quickly notice about this update is the fact that the interface has changed pretty dramatically.  By clicking on the cellphone icon in the upper left of the screen where once stood the Daily Challenge button, you’ll now be able to scroll through daily quests as well as check out Island News.


Island News is a great place to figure out when the next meetup will be as well as what is going on in the world of Club Penguin Island.  This seems like a small step towards a much grander idea of making this game a real social hub.


Clothes Catalog

Open the My Style tab where you would normally find your clothing choices and you’ll find the all new Catalog, which lets you check out and purchase clothes made by other players.


This also allows you to submit different clothing as part of a daily challenge in order to get likes and notoriety in the world of Club Penguin Island.  I LOVE this idea.  Easily the most fun part of the game is customizing costumes and now we have a great reason to continue doing it.  This means of sharing clothing and designs adds such a great level of depth to the game.  My only question is why this wasn’t there from the start?!

New Quests

While I am not quite high enough level to complete them, I wanted to make note of the fact that Aunt Arctic’s second Chapter is now available for play!  More on that later in the week once I have a chance to jump in.


Tangled: The Series Outfits

We’ve also got some new Disney Inspired outfits and designs to purchase, this time inspired by a series I’ve written about here on the blog, Tangled: The Series.  There is a huge selection of clothes to grab here, but I for one love grabbing all of the materials so I can make whatever I want.  Though, I would be lying if I said I didn’t purchase little Pascal as soon as I saw him.  He rides around with me now and we are the best of friends.  Dear Disney, more small animals I can put on my head.  STAT!


Fast Travel World Map

Head to the World Map to one click your way wherever you want to go.  While this is currently only a minor time saver, I expect it will become invaluable in the coming months as areas get added to the map.  Also, what’s that I see in the distance behind those clouds?  Hmm, new land on the horizon perhaps?


New Tubes

We’ll finish off today with a change so minor I almost missed it.  In your inventory, you’ll now found several different style tubes which you can access and lounge around to your little penguin heart’s content.


That’s all for this update so far.  Found something I missed?  Let me know in the comments!  Also, are you playing Club Penguin Island?  Let me know what you think and if any of these changes improves your enjoyment of the game in the comments below!

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