Belle and Beast’s Costumes and Attending the Ball – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Yes my lovelies, the day has finally come.  After all that welcoming and fighting and Chip running around like a crazy cup and Mrs. Potts decimating every flower she stepped on, we have finally reached the day in which we get to dress up Belle and Beast and send them to dance in our newly furnished Ballroom.  It’s so beautiful I might single tear.  Just one though.  I’ll need the rest for when my mother disapproves of my life choices.  Ahem.  Let’s get started.

Obtaining the Costumes

Despite a WHOLE LOT of rumors, the minimum levels for these are to have Belle at 2 and Beast at 3.  That means that just about everyone has a very good chance of nabbing these costumes, which I must say is a huge relief!

Bell’s Gown

If you’ve been plugging away at Bell and Beast and collecting, this should not be too challenging. The one new token that we get this time around is the Gold Floral fabric.  Luckily, you won’t need many to send Belle on her way with a shiny new dress.  Woody and Bo Peep, as well as Mike and Sully each have four hour quests for this cloth, though you should really have anyone who CAN obtain the cloth working on it.  After all, we still have to welcome Gaston when this is all said and done.

Once you get Belle all suited up, Beast will be as happy as a monster in a cape.

Meanwhile, Belle will not so subtly hit at the fact that while she was primping, Beast hasn’t even started getting ready.

Beast recalls leaving his suit at the dry cleaners on Main Street and runs out to pick it up.

Beast’s Suit

Beast’s outfit will cost significantly more, but you’ll need it if you want him to dance the mystical dance of the goat bear.  Keep up the hard work with the floral fabric and you’ll have it before you can say “GET OUT!!!”

Luckily, the Beast cleans up very nicely and all is forgiven.

Of course, Beast, in his harrier form, is feeling a bit sheepish.  Ironic since he has goat horns.  He hopes that Belle will still love him.

Belle, on the other hand is actually happy inside, because let’s face it, she likes a guy with scruff and that prince she got when the curse was broken was not what she signed up for AT ALL.

And then Belle reminds us that no fairy tale is complete without a super sentimental touchy feely moment.  Get out of my head Belle!  Stop making me feel things!  I’ll send you 12 hours quests just like those fairies!  Don’t think I won’t!!!

The Ball

With everyone dressed and ready to go, Beast finally pops the question.  NO, not THAT question.  He asks his beloved to dance.

And then Belle, who is played by Hermione in the movie, makes a Snape reference from Harry Potter and causes an illusive second tear to drip down my face.  “After all this time…”  Guh!  It’s good on so many levels!!

The Quest to send them to dance will take both of them being available and will last 12 hours, so be ready to watch a very long drawn out dance for the rest of the day.

As is typical, the girl is running late.., Although I can’t imagine that running in that dress is particularly easy.

The dance itself is one of the best animations in the game and well worth the wait.  While I took a good dozen screen shots, here are my favorites.

And that’s where I leave you!  Gaston will be up next, but for now, bask in the greatness of getting to this moment and seeing this dance, a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme.  Be Our Guest has been a crazy fun event and it’s not over.  Let me know how you are doing with Belle and Beast and if you think you’ll finish everything in time.  I’ll see you next time for the last step of “Be Our Guest”!!!

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  1. Fwiw, if you have Chip at Level 4 and Belle at Level 3, they together also have a four-hour quest to get the Gold Fabric.

  2. This is great .Thank you. I did notice that once Chip is at Level 4, he can also help with the fabric by doing the Story time quest with Belle.

  3. Does anyone know if the room where belle and beast are dancing in will remain in the game? I would imagine that after the event is over it will leave the event hub. But will we be able to purchase with gems a new room to place in our towns so beast and belle can have a place to dance all the time?

    • Probably not. In previous events, the whole thing disappeared and was replaced with the standard hot air balloon. The only time we were able to “keep” it was for the Incredibles event, and with that, the Omnidroid City was an announced attraction and getting it was part of the event. That is, it was in our checklist and our attraction list. This time around, no such thing exists.

  4. I only have 2 characters who can obtain gold fabric! And the only thing I’ve gotten out of chests for the past month is magic. I could count the number of gold chests I’ve had since Christmas on one hand. I’m never going to get these costumes!

  5. Thx for the Chip/Belle info, although Chip looks really big next to Belle. Also noticed Mickey’s Tux will be available right when Be Our Guest ends. MORE FABRIC!

  6. Oh, I’m off to a fabulous start. The fabric drops have been very good for me (I even correctly predicted that Jack and Sally would drop one of the gold fabric) and I’ve already gotten Belle’s beautiful gown. I will be getting Beast’s suit tomorrow before they do that big dance! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the tip about Chip! He’s leveling up now and Belle is getting her dress at the moment, so hopefully thist will help getting Beast his costume as well (the droprates were horrible Yesterday)

  8. I have Beast in his suit and Belle getting dressed now. Yippee soon they will be off to dance. I can hear the song in my head.

  9. Drop rates on yellow fabric have been so rough for me. Not a single one in 24 hours. I got two in the last batch. I hope they start dropping easier so that I can get the two costumes… and with enough time to get Gaston! The countdown clock is starting to stress me out a bit. 😦

  10. I just finally started collecting fabric today. I downloaded the game a little over a month ago and my job is hard to sneak phone time at so it’s been tough. I don’t have Sully yet, so I’m gonna try and level up Chip. Probably not much hope for Gaston at this point but I wanna see that dance! 💃

  11. I haven’t been able to get a single gold fabric in 2 days. Is this a glitch? Their rarity is only uncommon. It shouldn’t be this hard.

  12. Ahhh help! I don’t have the option to make the outfits. It tells me to complete more quests but I don’t have any more to do! 😦

  13. I just finally got lumiere going. Belle isn’t even unlocked yet. 😦
    This my first event, what happens when it ends? Do the characters disappear?

  14. I’m in the same boat you are, CVVH. I understand we get to keep the characters, but can’t add more from the special event. I just got Lumiere, don’t have Chip yet, and have virtually none of the characters others have mentioned that can help gather items to finish tasks. I downloaded the game in mid-March. There’s zero chance I’ll get Belle with one day left in the event, but I’m glad I got Lumiere!

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