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What the Hair?! – Tangled: The Series Review

I actually wasn’t entirely sure I would continue to write about this series.  I loved the mad for TV prequel to it, but still, I often get bogged down in so many projects on this blog, that adding one more sometimes seems like a big undertaking.  Yet, with all this being said, I sat down to watch the first official episode of the show and simply couldn’t leave it be.  Tangled: The Series is off to a great start and is most certainly worth talking about.  So sit back my Rapunzel raving readers.  I’d like to tell you why, even one episode in, Tangled: The Series is worth your time.

Screenshot (745)

When your hair forgets to keep your crazy on the inside.

Right off the bat, Tangled makes sure we know that this is not going to be a series where we only get story development in the first and last episode of the season.  I’m looking at you My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The story picks up right where we left off a couple weeks ago, with Rapunzel keeping secrets from Eugene and asking a lot of questions about her hair, which while still magical, has certainly gone through some changes. What I immediately love about this series is the serialization and the idea that I HAVE to watch every episode in order to follow the mystery.  If the show keeps this up, no episode will ever feel like filler, which makes it more worth tuning into on a weekly basis.

Screenshot (747)

A magician…OF SCIENCE!!!

This week introduced a new character, Varian, who was initially introduced as a magician, but actually turned out to be a very young mad scientist.  This felt like a very fun twist and one that could only exist in this world.  Instead of going with classic magic, the team over at Tangled decided to give this world some extra depth, introducing a Frankenstein like lab, complete with lots of fun machines, which was far different than a normal wizard’s home.  Varian himself was a fun character that I hope shows up often, given that he provides a different energy to the show than our already fantastic cast of characters.  I also liked that he was a big fan of Eugene’s old life as Flynn Rider.

Screenshot (743)

The stuff of nightmares…

I actually really liked the nod to Mother Gothel as she appeared in Rapunzel’s nightmare.  It was a great way to pay homage to the character, while also noting the evil that Gothel injected into Rapunzel’s life, locking her away in a tower.  As a looming evil creeps closer to Rapunzel, I like the sense of impending dread, which is great for building suspense for what is to come later in the season.  Something tells me this won’t be the last time we see this villain.

Screenshot (748)

Today in Failed Disney Ride History…

In many ways I actually found this episode to be better than the made for TV movie before it.  The characters were super endearing and there was no poorly written villain to muck things up.  If anything, I’m more excited now than I was before to see what comes next.  Tangled: The Series is off to a great start and I can’t wait to uncover the secret of Rapunzel’s hair, why it’s so incredibly strong, and how it has lost its magic of healing.

Screenshot (744)

When your bangs have a mind of their own.

Let me know what you guys think of the show so far in the comments below!

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