Welcoming Gaston and Ending ‘Be Our Guest’ – Disney Magic Kingdoms

I’m not going to lie.  This event has been crazy fun.  In fact, I would go so far as to say this has been the most engaging, well put together event so far.  I also think of it as the most achievable without gems.  Even if you just played fairly casually, I really think obtaining everything this time around was, while challenging, still very doable.  So with that being said, I think it’s time to end this thing!  Without further ado, let’s welcome the main man himself.  Noooooo Onnnnne has epic tokens like Gaston!  Is smaller than Mrs. Potts like Gaston!  No one waits till the end of the event to be welcomed like Gaston!


Welcome Gaston

As soon as you finish your 12 hour dance party with Beast and Belle, Merlin will show up to make sure you get your last bit of Be Our Guest event goodness in.


With a few alliterated words, you’ll be sent on your way to welcome Gaston.



Both the quivers and the hats are epic tokens so they are going to drop very rarely.  However, the trick here is to have Chip and Mrs. Potts.  Chip will be able to fetch quivers on a chance every 1 hour.  There’s a trick here though.  This same quest drops Belle’s gloves so once you have all her gloves, DON’T level her up until you’ve completed Gaston’s Quivers.  This will help to ensure that they drop instead of the gloves.


Gaston Ears Hats

Once again, your quests here are going to take a while unless you have Mrs. Potts who will have a chance to collect them every hour.  I found these to drop more often than the quivers, but they are both epic so this could easily be random chance.


Keep a good eye on it and you’ll soon have Gaston ready to welcome!


There’s also a bundle to get Gaston but I would highly advise waiting on this until the end.  If you are really down to the wire, then go for it.  But I have faith that everyone can get Gaston without it if you stay focused!  I believe in you!  Well…I believe you exist at least.  But only because the voices told me so…


Say Hello to Gaston!

Gaston joins the Kingdom with all sort of flexing magic.  Check out that bicep!


And those triceps!  Ohh!  Gaston!  Over here!  Give us a smile!


Beautiful!  Just beautiful!  The camera loves you!  LOVES YOU!!!


You’ll be very well rewarded for collecting all the Beauty and the Beast characters if he’s your last.


Questing with Gaston

Gaston is much less humble than some of our other welcomed villains.  But I suppose that’s what we should expect.  What I’d like to know is how Zombie Gaston speaks.  And what’s with him being jealous of the furniture collection?  Isn’t this the same guy who went on about how he does his lights?  Perhaps Gaston is just a misunderstood zombie.  Perhaps he just wanted to be an interior decorator and no one allowed him.  Rapunzel!  Get over here!  Way down deep inside he’s got a dream!


Wow Gaston, you really know how to not sound like a jerk bag.  Than again, I think I could use some of that confidence.  (WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ME!!!???) Ahem.  I mean…


Yes Gaston, that’s what hero’s do.  They have Push Up contests.  When have you EVER seen that in an Avengers movie.  Get with the times buddy.


Gaston will be sent on a 1 hour quest that literally has my favorite name of any quest in this game.


Belle’s Last Quest

Belle will also get one last quest when the dancing is done.  Despite her concern about Gaston, she decides to take a leisurely stroll in her fancy new dress.


This is a two hour quest which will finish things up nicely.


And that’s that!  It’s been a fun ride!  I’m super excited to see what we get next.  I’m hoping it won’t be another event just yet, but you never know!  I’ll also make sure to check back in with you guys once tuxedo Mickey becomes available.  In the meantime, make sure to check in with your progress, tips, tricks and questions in the comments!  Happy Gaming everyone!!!

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    • He needs to be level 4 to do the paired task with Belle to get fabric. I don’t know if there’s a requirement for his one-hour task to drop Gaston’s quiver; I have him at 5.

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this blog and for updating it so often for us. It really helps so much and I come here all the time. And I love your commentary on everything, too. It’s hilarious and makes it more fun. You’re the best!

  2. Do you know which chests have the Gaston tokens? I just got a platinum and I’m wondering if I should hold on to it until Gaston unlocks (three more suit fabric to go…)

  3. Jaysen! How do you do these tasks so fast? I still need seven more fabrics to get the Beast’s formal attire. Perhaps you need to compose yourself your own zombie Gaston-type song. 🙂
    And YES YES MORE LAND MORE LAND. Please please please please please, kind game curators!

  4. It looks to me like you need to have the Be Our Guest Restaurant (150 gems) in order for Chip and Mrs Potts to do the Gaston tasks. Could you verify as I’m not there yet?…And if so, suggest editing post to reflect. Love your site…So helpful!

    • Yes, the one-hour tasks for Chip and Mrs. Potts that they can each do alone for Gaston’s items requires Be Our Guest. I think they have other, longer, paired tasks with other characters as well.

  5. Is it better to level up event characters now or when the event is over? I don’t know if I should spend my currency or save it so it becomes gems at the end.

    • I wait until I absolutely have to level up a character to complete a task or quest to save currency and roses. Plus, that way, if your quest for tokens also collects tokens for other characters, if they’re ready to level up, you have a better chance of getting the tokens you need.

      (I hope that makes sense.)

      • That makes sense. Thanks. I have another question……This is the first event I’ve really participated in, I did the Mulan one but only got Shang because I didn’t give the event quests enough proierty. I’ve almost completed this one, so I hope I can welcome Gaston before it’s over! Anyway my question is this…..What will happen to my rope/bag tokens at the end? Will they just disappear (in which case I should get as many roses as possible because I assume roses stay forever) or will I get something for them( as in the case of gems for event currency)?

      • If it works like Frozen, then the ropes & bags will disappear and you’ll collect roses from tasks instead of having a several-step process. If you are planning to level up characters before the event ends, definitely keep collecting roses and make sure you convert all of your bags & ropes into roses before it ends. If you don’t care to level anyone up, then I would stop collecting roses, as they will be much easier to get after the event ends. It’s a catch-22, because the other character tokens will likely be harder to get after the event ends.

  6. While I think the name of Gaston’s quest is funny…..I think the one called “ball pooper” was a funnier one

  7. FYI, for anyone who has Elsa and Hans at Level 10, their “Reason with the Queen” task (12 hours) can drop Gaston’s ear hats.

  8. Still waiting for the last two pieces of fabric to drop for beast, ugh! My daughter has been luckier and is waiting to welcome Beast in his suit soon. Oh well, we’ll get there (hopefully…)

  9. @Susan – the ropes and bags will most likely dissapear. They did after the frozen event, which was the same concept. So definitely use them up before the event is over. Here’s my advise; after you get Gaston, keep leveling everyone up. The tokens required to level up event characters during the event is significantly less than what is required after the event ends. Plus, there are other characters that help with those tokens (like Mickey & friends and the Toy Story gang). After the event, they usually lose the ability to collect the same tokens.

    I’m pretty happy with the time given for this event. Hopefully I will be welcoming Gaston tomorrow, I have a good amount of his tokens. This is by far the the ‘fairest’ event yet. If anyone is unable to complete it, it wouldn’t be at the fault of DMK..

  10. I have just started the first fight with Gaston. It is a shame. I have been playing every day. I am just so new to the game that sometimes I only had two characters to get tokens for others. However, I think I will be able to manage getting the Belle and Beast outfits. I don’t think I will quite manage getting Gaston though.

  11. My Belle and Beast will be done dancing when i get up tomorrow, so I can start welcoming Gaston. I’m levelling up Hans to level 10 in the meantime, so in 12 hours he will be ready to collect together with Elsa. I’m pretty certain I’ll manage to welcome Gaston.

    This has been a fine event, better than Mulan that was too difficult in levelling. Wonder what will come next 😀

    • It’s definitely harder when you first start. I’ve been playing since Christmas and I don’t think I’ll get Gaston either. I am really struggling to get the fabric squares for costumes. Only 3 to go but I’ve had three tasks in a row not drop any at all. 😦

      • Don’t worry, I found your reply just the same. That makes me feel a bit better. I hope you are getting better luck now. At least now I understand how events work a bit better. And also that when there isn’t an event, my main focus should be leveling up characters to unlock more (I honestly didn’t know you needed to level them up.)

  12. Can someone help me out here?
    I just did all the fighting against Gaston, but I haven’t had any quests for the formal attire. It tells me to continue the Beauty and the Beasts quests, but I don’t have anymore.

    Belle is level 6
    Beast is level 6
    Lumiere is level 6
    Cogsworth is level 5
    Mrs Potts is level 3
    Chip is level 3

    What am I missing?

    • Did your ballroom update? That happens after cogsworth and lumiere go on a 12 hr quest.. I’d say keep doing the “blue” quests.
      P.s. Eventually you’ll want chip at level 4 to help with fabric.

      • Thank you Jason!
        I’m currently fighting Gaston the 2nd time, and then I will update Chip to level 4! 🙂

    • Thank you! I finally got that quest right now!
      I don’t know if I’m going to have enough time to do this! 😦

      • I just started the dance this morning so I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish either 😦

  13. Since I’ve started collecting Gaston’s items yesterday, I have three quivers and one hat. Not a surprise since we know those are tough to get. This morning, I got three more quivers and another hat. Unless I have the worst luck in the world, I might be able to do this even without purchasing the Be Our Guest restaurant which I have not done. Fingers crossed.

      • You’re both lucky. I haven’t had a single thing of gastons drop and I’ve been playing every 4 hrs since last night. Although I refuse to shell out gems for the restaurant since I’ll need them to unlock other characters.

  14. With under 3 days left in the event, and the ‘grant wishes’ leaderboard just ending, will there be another leaderboard event?

  15. Oh my word the drop rate for Gastons items are proving totally ridiculous for me! I’ve been way ahead for everything in these quests without having to buy luckily and have been waiting for things to unlock but I still only have 3 hats and 2 quivers as of now! Nightmare!

  16. I have been trying to gather Gaston tokens since yesterday and have only earned 2 hats. He is the first character in this event who really seems unattainable for a timed event.

  17. I’ve personally given up on the idea of Gaston… I have 5 more gold fabrics to get for Beast. Not too bad, I only started the game pretty recently. I am crossing my fingers that I can at least get the dance. It is a bit hard given that I work weekends and it’s not a job where pulling a phone out is a good idea. 🙈

  18. I’ve just started on the costumes. I definitely will not be able to get Gaston. I have over 18,000 shields, so I don’t know what good those will do me as they are not needed for the costumes. Any suggestions?

  19. I’ve actually been setting alarms for the Gaston token quests since Thursday afternoon. I still need 3 of each and they just aren’t dropping anymore! I clicked the button just to see how many gems it would cost…almost 300 gems for those 6 tokens! I’d rather get Jack Sparrow (is he worth it? REALLY worth it?), as I love his gestures that are shown. It really is a shame that other than Mickey & pals and Toy Story characters…you don’t get the voices. Well, at least from the characters I’ve collected. I haven’t beat Zurg yet (that’ll be tomorrow, Woody & Buzz are flying around right now…so I *think* Zurg is next!) as I’ve done everything on the boss battle guide found on DMK’s Facebook page!

    I noticed somebody ask about the chests above. If you go into chests, on the top left you’ll see two icons. One to purchase chests (200 gems! BTDT not worth it IMO!), and right next to that is “rewards”. Just click the different type of chest and you’ll see what the chests are currently holding. I’m so over the lamps and pirate maps! Though, this is how you can see what the different chests are dropping in the future – without needing to leave the game and go to the game’s wiki page. Currently it is indeed the Gold and Platinum chests for the Gaston tokens. I just thought I’d mention this in case it helps anyone.

    I love this blog Jaysen! I stumbled across you a few days ago and am bookmarking you now since I love how much info you give to us, as well as how funny you write about the game and quests. =)

    • If anyone sees this…do you know if there is a video of Belle & Beast’s dance scene? Upon clicking the green completion arrow, my son asked me something and I missed out!!! Plus, now that entire area is gone! 😦

      Also, does anyone know if there is a photo or video of the Zurg battle with Rex helping out Buzz, Woody, and Jessie? I don’t have Rex, and I’m rather interested in seeing what part Rex has in the battle.
      Thanks again!

  20. Got everyone up to Level 6 & 7 except for Gaston at Level 2. Now trying to maximize shields (now up to 45,000) so that they’ll convert to gems on Monday. Would prefer that resolving the problems with opening up more land be dealt with first rather than another event where only one spot is opened up. I have both Aladdin attractions in storage so that I could fit in all of the Beauty & the Beast attractions together. Hopefully Adventureland can be opened up soon.

  21. I got him! I didn’t think I’d get it. This is really my first task, I don’t count Mulan as i started playing on the second last day of her event.

    Are the drop rates always as ridiculous as the Gaston drops during timed events?

  22. Quick question, Im on the welcome Gastonia quest and I’m still looking for quivers and hats. With less than 24 hours to go will I lose the character if I don’t get enough drops in time? Or will I still be able to collect them after the event ends?

  23. I do not see the bundle for Gaston on my daughter’s game!!! She just started this in January and does not have all the characters. Where can I find it to buy

  24. This blog has been so great throughout the event! I love reading all the comments as well, they really help me learn more about the game. I don’t know if anyone will read this now that the event is over but it doesn’t hurt to try:-)
    I have a couple questions as I get back into the actual storyline of the game. First is there any sort of complete list of all the attraction, decorations and concessions that have been available since the beginning of the game? I can be type A and would find it fun to cross things off as I get them or know what’s been retired or added since day one.
    Second I noticed that the special concessions have been taken out of the chests…..Will they ever come back? The only one I got was the crossant stand and I was really hoping for the bakery. It doesn’t seem fair to remove them from the chests since it’s all chance what you get.
    Thanks in advance for any help I can get! 🙂

    • Hi Susan!
      I’ll try my best to answer your questions. I’ve only been playing 62 days, but I think I’ve searched enough to answer. Though, hopefully somebody can correct me if I’ve erred in any way!
      #1: “First is there any sort of complete list of all the attraction, decorations and concessions that have been available since the beginning of the game?”

      From everything I’ve read and experienced, it is mostly a go at it yourself style game. Now, if you look at the quest list (bottom left), the icons with a blue background carry a story quest forward. Those with yellow backgrounds aren’t generally associated with the “storyline”. The most details come in the form of boss battle guides, or rather, what quests must be done to GET to the boss battle.

      #2: “Second I noticed that the special concessions have been taken out of the chests…..Will they ever come back? The only one I got was the crossant stand and I was really hoping for the bakery. It doesn’t seem fair to remove them from the chests since it’s all chance what you get.”.

      As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve only been playing for just about 2 months. That being said, from everything that I’ve read…they’re gone. Unless for some reason they hold a similar event and bring them back (which isn’t likely). I noticed that while they’re gone from the reward lists for the chests…we now have *new* concession stands available to collect. The ramen stand looks great! I just hope they don’t wait an entire year to bring back Mulan as I began playing a few days before that event and didn’t really pay any mind to it. I was focused on the game, not knowing that once the event was over…no more Mulan characters!

      I hope I’ve been of some help! Hopefully, if I’m mistaken, somebody will say something and we’ll both learn something new!

      Have a good night/day!

    • Maybe I can help, I’ve been playing since the beginning. I added two links below. The wiki link will give you a breakdown of all the content. You can look up all the attractions, concessions, decorations, characters, etc. The Gameloft link will take you to the game’s forum. You can look for news/announcements and there’s a general discussion board where you could probably find some useful tips. I’m like you where I need to have a checklist as I go and collect everything the game has to offer!
      As for the special concessions, we will probably see them return in the future. Most likely they will be put back into chests or they will be added to the special ‘Beauty and the Beast chests’ for the people who missed out on the event content (these will have characters, attractions, concessions, and decorations). They may also run special leaderboard events to win those concessions. I believe in the past they had a robot tapping event to win a frozone sno-cone stand, you just had to tap on a certain amount of robots to win it. So look out for mini events!

      Hope all this helps!

      Disney Magic Kingdoms Wiki:

      Gameloft forum:

      • Thanks so much for the info! I really hope I can find some gold or platinum chests to get the attractions. I’ve really enjoyed all the details about the game! It’s exciting to keep adding to my Kingdom. I have seen the legendary chests before with content from past events. Do those appear in my game like regular chests or do I always have to buy them?

  25. I believe you always have to buy the legendary chests. And I’m with you on how exciting it is to keep adding to my kingdom! Is it sad that I cheered out loud after recently getting the turkey leg concession?

    • Not sad at all. 🙂 I would have done the same thing! I have gotten at the very most 6 gold or platinum chests since I started playing at Christmas. I finally broke down and opened a second platform or opening them. I don’t spend real money on this game so my gems are hard to part with 🙂

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