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Cars 3 at Disney Springs [Disney Adventures]

Cars are no strangers to travel.  I mean, they’re practically built for it!  This weekend, the cars from Cars 3 are kicking off a nationwide tour as a nice publicity campaign for the upcoming film, which I must say looks pretty amazing!  In order to kick off the tour, the cars themselves made a pit stop in Disney Springs and Carl and I were sure to go take a look-see.  After all, how often do you get to meet a car!?  Oh…wait.  That actually happens every day.  Well these cars smile at you and don’t blink the check engine light obnoxiously so it’s still a much better experience than normal.  Let’s take a look.


You’ll find the cars at the very end of the Marketplace where the old bus loop used to be.  The event is free to get into and is a nice diversion if you need a break from shopping and/or eating.  While there are many little booths for kids to play in, building their own cars and playing with toy cars, the main events really come down to the PhotoPass Op with the Cars themselves, and the 15 minute preview of Cars 3, which can be seen in a small outdoor theater.  We jumped right in line to get some photos with some cars.


If you can’t tell, the cars are full size and really have a lot of personality given that they don’t move whatsoever.  Even so, they felt as though they’d been taken straight out of the film.  We started off with Jackson Storm, who the commercials depict as the villain of the film.  He looks pretty awesome and I wouldn’t judge anyone who bet on this horse…er…car.


Then we jumped over to Cruz Ramirez who was sporting some Dinoco product placement.  Aww, what a great smile.


And of course we finished with the main man himself, Lightning McQueen who must be pre-mid life crisis here as he seemed pretty happy to see us.


We also stopped by the Crest booth, where we spun a wheel and won free children’s toothbrushes!  Hooray!  We also got another fun photo.


Unfortunately, Mater was no where to be found, except in the form of this fairly dilapidated plush.  There’s a small assortment of Cars 3 merch just outside the main event and as you leave you’ll also get a coupon for 5$ off your Cars 3 movie tickets.


While the Cars 3 pit stop will only take you about half an hour to get through, seeing everything, we had a lot of fun and given that it is a rare case of something free at Disney, I strongly recommend you get in a check it out before it ends on March 26.  We found the lines to be very non-time consuming and worth the short wait!  So who’s ready for Cars 3?!  Let me know in the comments!

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