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While my post for Belle won’t be up until a bit later, I thought it might be fun to take a look at other things which unlocked today, including Chip!  In this post, we’ll be discussing the little tea cup as well as some special new attractions which have jumped into the Kingdom overnight.  I’m still plugging away at Belle, but I can honestly say that your life will be much easier if you have Chip to help welcome her.  So what’s new other than little miss provincial life herself?  Let’s take a look!


Welcoming Chip

Chip is obviously a very easy character to welcome as he is purchased with gems.  It is important to note that there are two ways to purchase Chip.  The first is to buy him with cold hard gems.  Note that in order to do this, you should hand them over one at a time with a smug look on your face that says “I earned these from floats.  What did you do today?”


The other way is to purchase him with money through the current promotion.  While this will run you $7 in the US, I happen to think it’s quite worth it as you get a character AND an attraction.  A cheap sandwich is 7$.  Chip and Be Our Guest are forever.


Choose your purchasing poison and Chip will gleefully hop into your Kingdom.  Awwww, he’s so cute.  Just think, he’ll one day grow up to be a terrifying, child crushing monster like his mother.  Mrs. Potts!  Please!  Stop stepping on the flowers!!!


Chip will be quite excited to join your Kingdom.  He’ll note that everything is so new.  You know what isn’t new?  Adventureland!  *Shakes Fist angrily at Coming Soon text.*


Chip just wants to make friends.  Sadly, he is once again a piece of a dinnerware set.


Luckily, he’s somehow managed to remember his old hopping ways.


Chip will get a 60 Minute quest, but I urge you to wait on it, since you’ll want to immediately send Chip to collect tokens for Belle.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Part of the previously mentioned promo pack also includes Be Our Guest Restaurant, which can also be purchased with gems.  You’ll notice it has a chance of helping with Belle so make sure to nab it now so that you can make full use of it.


It’s a cute little attraction, and I’ve heard from the parentless children that roam my park that the food is authentically as bad as the original Be Our Guest at Disney World.  Yay for authenticity!


Enchanted Tiki Room

If you’ve been a good little player and logging in daily, you’ll recieve the Enchanted Tiki Room today.  A thankfully small attraction that will help you remember the one year anniversary forever!…or at least until you remove it due to not having enough space for everything.


Awwww!  Look at the little parrots!  I ruv them!!


St. Patrick’s Day Hat Stand

A total surprise yesterday was the release of the limited edition St. Patrick’s Day Hat Stand.  Purchasing it will give you an extra 50 happiness and will allow your children to wear cute little hats around the kingdom!


As a side note, this is the only gem purchase that it not immediate.  It will take two hours to build.


New Concessions in Chests

Make sure to check out the chests today as well as there are now new concessions hiding in them, just waiting to be purchased.  I got this lovely little bakery!  Now if only it would make me endless cookies in real life.


That’s it for this post!  I’ll continue with Belle later this evening, once she’s welcomed.  In the meantime, let me know which of the special promos you’ll be taking part in below in the comments.  Also, have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. “I earned these from floats. What did you do today?” Too funny!!! (and sad but true. Hahaha) Thanks for the giggles!

    I’m loving the event so far, and I purchased the Chip and Be Our Guest Restaurant combo. I bought Mrs. Potts with my hard earned video-watching-parading-float gems before the store featured her combo pack. Oh well…I’m working on welcoming Belle now!

  2. I welcomed Chip @ 15.00 hrs GMT and have been sending him every hour to get the gorgeous yellow gloves. It’s now 20.00 hrs GMT and he has not yielded a single one! I’ve had much more luck getting them from the BOG restaurant. Excited to get the beautiful Belle tomorrow. I’ve yet to see the movie but hopefully I’ll find time next week too. Your synopsis of the film has made me impatient to see it too. The previews over here look sumptuous! Happy St. Partrick’s Day….💜X

  3. Humph… bought Chip with my gems and THEN got the promo, argh!!! But Chip is really cute, so I won’t complain. And now I can go and buy a cheap sandwich tomorrow hahaha

  4. Just got back from watching the Amazing Emma in the real life adaptation of Beauty & the Beast. I am twice as excited to get her going after seeing that beautiful film! Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it!

  5. It still pains me how much you loathe “Be Our Guest” at Magic Kingdom… we’ve eaten there 3 times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and had a wonderful experience each time. Maybe give it another shot? Dinner was our favorite meal there.

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