Welcoming Belle and Building Gaston’s Tavern – Disney Magic Kingdoms

I want to tell you that I had a really busy day full of working and going on long drives through the country.  I want to tell you that is why I took until this evening to post my Belle article.  The truth of the matter is that Belle is the first character in this event to actually be quite challenging.  Not only are her tokens rare, but the drop rate for me today was absolutely abysmal, no thanks to Chip who, for all his bouncing around, simply couldn’t find it in himself to drop hats OR gloves.  That’s it Chip!  I’m sending you back to the cursed zone.  All said and done, I am now ready to walk you through welcoming a book worm all the way to building a tavern.  And after today, I think I’ll need a good tavern.


Welcoming Belle

We won’t be covering roses.  At this point I think you have the basic gist of how those work down.  Collect ropes and bags.  Send Mrs. Potts to step on the vine cage, effectively crushing it and collect the rose it leaves behind.  Make sure to scrape remnants of birds that were in the cage off of Mrs. Potts’ underside.

Golden Gloves

The Golden Gloves are the easier of the two tokens simply because their quest times are shorter.  They are still Rare, so don’t think you’ll be collecting 20 of these easily.  Chip is a great resource as he only takes an hour to complete the quest, but be warned, he doesn’t drop them more often than he does.


Belle Ears Hat

I LOVE this hat.  It just has so much fun detail to it.  That being said, Chip will once again be a saving grace as he takes two hours to grab this one.  Keep in mind though that you’ll need everyone on these that you can get.  The quests are long and rarely yield results.



Keep plugging away and eventually you’ll nab that final token, ready to welcome her.  The 16,000 event currency will be a big hit to your bank, even if you’ve been saving up so make sure to keep an eye on it.


Say Hello to Belle

Belle joins the Kingdom on the very day her new movie released.  What a show off!


Questing with Belle

Despite everyone worrying and trying to throw together this ball, Belle has apparently just been minding her time back in the village.  How very nice of you to join us!


You’ll get a nice bonus after welcoming Belle, a sort of halfway point through this event.


Beast is feeling a lot of conflicted, concerning feelings about everything that’s been happening.  As he should.  He’s suddenly a bear monster again.  I too would be very concerned if I got hot only to turn back into a grizzly.  Life’s not fair.  Fun story, every time I lose weight and then gain it back, I too blame evil curses.


Something about Beast and Belle going to have a talk makes me think of the talk a couple has before they break up.  Here’s hoping it’s not THAT talk.


Mickey and Goofy

Meanwhile, Mickey and Goofy, who I refuse to change out of their holiday costumes, have heard a sound in the distance, causing them to want to play music again.  Apparently this is the only way they know how to deal with the impending boredom that comes with defeating Pete and being left behind in the story line.


Then, Goofy decides to play fast a loose, throwing around words like “we don’t need a plan.”  First of all Goofy, this is Disney Magic Kingdoms.  You ALWAYS need a plan.  That’s how this works!


Mickey!  Don’t go along with it!  There’ll be chaos.  Oh boy.  This is how revolutions get started.  Time to start rearranging the Kingdom and cutting Pluto’s healthcare.  That’ll teach them to not make plans first!


Goofy and Mickey will run off on a lengthy quest to perform an unplanned concert.  Good luck with that guys.  I’ll just be removing your homes to make room for the Tikki Room.


Belle’s optional Quest

Belle will also get an optional quest to “Look for Surprises.”  My dog likes to send me on this quest whenever I sleep in and don’t take her out in time.  I’m less of a fan of the quest than she is.


Belle will ask to be sent on the quest, but remember that it is optional and not time sensitive.  If you’re feeling short on time, feel free to skip this one for now.


Building Gaston’s Tavern

After a long talk, Beast comes clean about how he wanted to surprise Belle, but couldn’t because he’s not so great at keep secrets, unless they involve a deeply emotional rose and a curse in the West Wing.  In fact, he can only keep secrets in the West Wing, but sadly we haven’t built it.  Therefore, secrets are out, telling the truth about the surprise party is in.


In the meantime, Lumiere has been sent undercover to find Gaston’s hideout.  Luckily he’s not a talking candlestick with a bright flame.  Otherwise he’d be pretty bad at covert ops.


Umm, Lumiere, the kids here literally just run around, eat and put on hats.  I really think you can just walk around.  No one’s even looking.  You’re neither a croissant nor a Leprechaun’s hat.


With that, you’ll be tasked with Building Gaston’s Tavern.


The tavern costs 19,500 event currency and will take 8 hours to build, so make sure you’re saving even currency and a bit of land space.


Cursed Cutlery

You’ll also need to fight off more roaming dinnerware, this time hunting down 10 every 5 minutes until you’ve tapped 5o of them.


The Adventure Continues

With all the main characters welcomed, you’d think we were just about done with the event.  But no, we’ve still got 16 days left!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be fighting Gaston, dressing up Belle and the Beast and something tells me there’s a dance in the works.


Let me know how you’re progressing in the event down below in the comments!

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  1. Hey Jaysen, I’m getting really frustrated at the drop rates for Belle just like you are (the hats seem legendary to me). Chip hasn’t given me good results in his bouncing quests for the hats I needed since I welcomed him this morning. Also, I have maxed out Hans from “Frozen” to help me build event currency (I’m currently at 29,000) so that he does his joint task with Elsa for 12 hrs. So far, I’m at 6 gloves and 3 hats — real bad luck after all the good luck I had in welcoming Lumiere (my guy is at Level 4).

  2. I’m level 6 for Beast and Cogsworth and level 5 for Lumiere – and not wanting to level them more up right now, even though they are all ready, because then their tokens would drop instead of Belle’s. I have 8/20 gloves and 6/20 hats so far… And only 21k event tokens, so really need to save up while collecting. Which tokens will Hans drop? My Hans is only level 8, so two more levels before his event activity is activated… 🙂

  3. I feel like the gate keeper to the Emerald City, “No Room! No Room!”. Just unlocked Belle this morning and am nervous about getting her done! Thanks for the heads up on the currency, that’s a lot for the attractions!

  4. I am still working on the event tasks to unlock welcoming Belle, which at best, I will be able to do tonight. I have so few characters unlocked I am not sure if I will be able to manage finishing. The event competitions have been a real help so far, and I am kind of relying on them. Fingers crossed I will be able to do it.

  5. Belle is easily the most frustrating welcome for any timed event for me. I really don’t want to gem out, but….

  6. My luck has turned around nicely. I just need one more set of gloves and four more hats so that I begin the welcoming process tonight. If not, it will be tomorrow morning, I hope.

  7. Swamped with mid-semester grading, I had been on vacation from my Magic Kingdoms game, only to come a few days late to the new update/event. I had been watching for “Crossy Road” to do a Beauty & the Beast Update in sync with the new movie release… only to come late to the Magic Kingdoms party… needless to say… I’m 2-3 days behind everyone. I haven’t been able to access Belle yet because I’m still working on Lumiere. Oddly enough for me — I’m having trouble getting the matchboxes and am having better luck with the hats. I’m one rose away from level 5 for Beast, one hat away from Chip at 3, and have Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth at 3. I hope I’m not too far behind since it sounds as though Belle is a challenge… Then again… I took the night off last night to go see the movie … well worth it.

  8. I’m leveling Belle now to Level 1. I found that the glove and hat drop rates were very slow in the beginning, but increased as I got closer to completion. In fact, 5 hats all dropped together this morning. Hope that anyone initially experiencing a slow drop rate sees a faster rate after awhile.

  9. After two full days of gathering Belle’s tokens I finally welcomed her overnight! I have been saving up my shields in order to build Gaston’s tavern, but I was wondering if my characters need to be at a certain level to battle Gaston? I didn’t start playing until after the frozen event so I don’t know how this works. They are all ready to level up but the only one I plan on doing is Bell so I can get the tavern.

  10. I’ve welcomed Belle and leveled her up to 3, but I’m 7,000 event tokens short of building Gaston’s tavern. I’m not spending any real money on the game, so I can’t buy a bundle with tokens in it. I think I’m cooked. Just glad I got Belle.

  11. I have to say, this event has been more enjoyable than the others. I can do without the two step process for collecting roses, but there is plenty of time and the required character tokens are not unreasonable. I agree with everyone here, the drop rate for Belle’s tokens was awful. Especially those ear hats.
    As for the first Gaston fight, I have everyone at level 4 and chip at 2. I’m assuming the real challenge will be collecting the costume tokens and most likely epic Gaston tokens…
    On a side note, I finished top 10 in the striking gold challenge and won the croissant stand! Pretty happy about it, even though it’s now in silver chests -__-

  12. How can anyone get so many event tokens?
    I almost have enough of the drops, but I’m no where close to where I need to be for tokens.
    Same with magic, I need to get Tortuga Tavern, and Cinderella, and Mike W but I don’t have the magic for it, even though I have all the drops.
    It’s so frustrating.

    • It will come, trust me. I felt the same way when I started. 🙂 The only reason I have so much magic saved right now is that I haven’t spent any. And even that is only about 200,000. I’m just focusing on the beauty and the beast quests and letting everything else like up. Plus if you don’t level up the regular characters you have a better chance of getting the event tokens. The people with millions in magic have been playing for a whole year.

      • Thanks Susan. I guess I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks so I can’t complain too bad. I’m just so impatient! 😀

    • It really helps if You’re been playing longer. I’ve got all my characters (except the B&B-event characters and Chip&Dale) at max level, so they can generate as much of the event currency as possible. Now, this won’t help you now, but in future events you’ll know it gets a bit easier 😉

  13. This is the first-ever event that I’ve come up SHORT in event currency when trying to build something necessary. It’s not due to lack of playing, either – I have all the characters to level 2-5, including Belle, so I just don’t know what gives. Maybe the tavern is just too darn expensive. Makes me nervous about welcoming Gaston, though – maybe I should stop leveling the event characters up for the time being to save my currency for the boss? Lord knows I have plenty of magic to level everyone up through infinity once the event ends. Sigh. I kind of wish event currency could be won from chests during the event…

  14. I agree with the comments about event currency — in all the previous events, it seemed like the currency was no problem. A little disheartening to finally get (and pay for) Belle, then find the tavern so costly! Still, this event has been fun.
    Are others proceeding with Chip and Dale quests and pursuing their objects, or just saving them for later? Their treehouse is so darling, and I love their entrances after they’ve been leveled up. But poor Pluto is pretty dizzy after chasing his tail ten thousand times for balloons.

      • As I recall (from all of last week — ha!), it’s the pretty standard deal where there’s a quest or two at each level. I think. I’ve got Chip at 7 and Dale at 5 at the moment. It might just be more fun to save them until after the B&B stuff is over, though.

      • They automatically triggered for me, but I had completed the main quest line long ago. Keep playing the main quests (not BATB) and you will get them eventually. They are not time limited.

    • At the moment I’m just focussing on the B&B event. I’ve welcomed both Chip and Dale and I think I’ve got them at level 4 right now, but they’re not a priority at the moment.

  15. Don’t forget the “blue” missions are timed Focus on them only. The “yellow” ones are in no rush to complete within the timeframe of the event.
    As far as missions go, I always concentrate on the rose production first. Then lowest BatB character. Then any non events (like chip and Dale). I also only send people to work if they’re going to get me tokens. That way the notifications when they’re done are all relevant and keeps my time effective.

  16. Incidentally. To unlock hans was 10 snowflakes and 25k(!) event currency. I think I’m going to start stockpiling now. I’d be furious if I finished fighting the second battle with Gaston only to find that I needed to save that much!

  17. I’m working on this as much as I can, finally have Lumiere and was able to build Belle’s house, but Belle still hasn’t been unlocked for me. It’s frustrating because for every event, every single event, I end up characters not unlocked before the event ends. This looks to be the case for Beauty and the Beast as well after reading this blog and the drop rates for Belle, once I get her unlocked, I won’t have the time to get her tokens in time to get Gaston and compete all the quests. I lost out on so many event characters it’s extremely frustrating.

    • My wife says almost exactly what you say. They game definitely gives distinct advantage to those who spend real money. All I can suggest is buy the premium characters to speed up getting tokens. There’s always a bundle deal, always. And only send characters on jobs that will level up your event characters. That way when you get a notification, open the app, click their green check mark, and send them back to work. Then put the phone back in your pocket and hope your boss didn’t see. Don’t underestimate getting tokens from floats, chests and Merlin either. They add up. Characters only need to be level 4ish (we’re trying to figure out exact numbers but it’s not high). And to fight gaston all they need is to be unlocked. That’s my advice. Hope it helps.

      • This time I haven’t spent any real money (was lucky to have enough gems saved up for Mrs Pots, Chip and the float 😎). So it really isn’t necessary to spend money to finish the event. Right now I’m waiting for the B&B costumes to unlock. Three more days to go…

  18. I wonder what levels the main characters need to be at to complete the Ball event. I’ve stopped levelling up Beast to save tokens for the others, so they are all level 6 now, except Belle, who is level 5. Her tokens drop much easier after she is welcomed. I lost the last scenes in the Mulan event because I didn’t have them high enough in level – hope the same doesn’t happen this time – I HAVE to see them dance 🙂

    • To elaborate. The event proper just needs the characters to be unlocked. But what is the minimum level to progress the story to that point? That’s the big question. 3? What does everyone else think?

  19. I would love that info too! I have stopped leveling up in a desperate attempt to save enough event currency to get Gaston’s tavern. Beast is level 4 , Lumiere and Cogsworth are at 3 and Belle is 2. Event currency seems really hard to get this time. I had way mare than I knew what to do with in the Mulan event.

  20. I have all BATB characters at level 4, except chip, who is level 2. I just finished the second Gaston battle and there is a 12 hour task for Cogsworth and Lumiere to “get the ball floor ready.” I’m assuming after that, the tasks for getting the formal costumes will come up and I’ll have to wait 5 days until it’s actually unlocked. I may be wrong, but I think in the previous events, Jack Skellington and Anna had higher required levels to progress their events.. so it might not be a bad idea to level up Beast a little more than the others if you are just waiting for the next part of the event to start. I always level them up in order of when they were released..

  21. This is a strange question……If i run the beauty and the beast float by itself do I have a better chance of getting event currency from it? It never gives me more than 150 when it’s run with 2 other floats

  22. Regarding levels, I’m at level 5 with all my characters except for Belle at Level 4 and Beast at Level 6. I am now at the point where I’ve finished Gaston from ruining the ball and am in the middle of the fight to drive off Gaston. The 3 things that will be left are the costumes for Beast and Belle and welcoming Gaston. Don’t know if I’ll need a higher level for either of them for the costumes. Anybody know?

    • We probably won’t know until the costumes become available on Monday.. I am currently queued up to get both costumes (this is triggered after the 12 hour task of Cogsworth and Lumiere getting the ball floor ready, which will definitely get you hyped for the upcoming dance😉), so there are no other event quests pending. My guess is that the characters will probably have to be around level 4 or 5, given how much time is left in the event. I say if you’re waiting around, keep leveling them up. Remember – during the event, the event characters require less tokens to level up and there are more characters that help with collecting their necessary tokens.

  23. Wow. Gone 3 for 3 with chests. Got a croissant stand, patisserie and now a chess board. All I need is the bakery. One gold chest. Fingers crossed.

  24. A lot of people have been asking about saving up event currency. Here’s how I do it (from learning the hard way by not having enough currency for both Syndrome and the Omnidroid during the Incredibles Event):

    I get the float early in the event and then send it as often as possible. Sometimes with other floats, sometimes alone.
    I hold off on leveling up characters until absolutely necessary to progress within the storyline. This not only saves currency but also roses, since they’re a pain.
    All of the characters that can do an event quest, do them. I basically ignore leveling up non-event characters during the event. Even if I’m going to be away for longer than their quest takes, I send them on that quest. Also, complete the side non-essential quests – it gets you currency for doing the quest AND currency for the action itself.

    When I built Gaston’s Tavern, I had dwindled down to about 3,000 shields and now I have over 20,000 and I just defeated Gaston.

    Now, let’s get our dance on!

    • Great post. I have a feeling those costumes are going to be rough. It’ll be a race to the finish. Here’s hoping we’ve saved enough money and roses.

      • Thanks! I’m hoping the costumes aren’t TOO brutal to get. I need Belle in that yellow dress, dang it! I have the feeling that they’ll be easier than Gaston, since he’s the ultimate quest for this event.

  25. Hey Jaysen Belle is frustrating me I highly doubt i’m going to be able to collect everything before the event ends… im new to disney kingdoms but I was wondering when the event ends and i still havent welcomed belle will I be able to welcome her and level her up after the event ends? thanks.

  26. Tay, you can not get an event character after the event ends (absent a contest, chest promotion, or other special way the developers put them out). You can level them up after the event, but the number of tokens/magic (replacing event currency) usually goes up.

    People always say you have to spend real money on this game and I just think that’s not true. If you have the budget for that, great! If not, you can do this with good planning. The only character I missed during a timed event was Syndrome and I believe it was because I had only recently started playing and didn’t have the infrastructure to support a timed event successfully. If you’re new, you may have fewer characters to collect currency and tokens. You won’t have leveled up as many characters, run as many parades, or watched as many videos (that was a great addition) to earn gems to get the premium characters. It can be frustrating, but it’s a game, don’t let it add stress to your life, just try to have fun with it!

    • I do hate that the early adopters have a very clear advantage in this game. I have so many friends who would love this game and love to play it, but it feels like almost half the characters now are event characters that they are highly unlikely to ever acquire. And since those characters also help a lot with future events, they’re at a disadvantage if they started now.

      • Although I’m an early adopter (I started on Day 1), I agree with you Wendy that people like myself have a large advantage because we have most (if not all) of the attractions and characters which generate more of everything and faster. I think that it would be in the game’s interest to have an offer where newer gamers could purchase characters and attractions so that they could catch up to us early adopters and be less frustrated.

  27. I just started this game about two weeks ago so I don’t thnk I will ever be able to get Belle. Will there be another event because I can’t get all those gloves and hats in the 17 hours I have left. I haven’t even unlocked the possibility of getting her to get the tokens. I am wading through Cogsworth and Lumiere’s missions trying to get to her. Will I just be stuck without until they have another event and do they have them often?? I have not done any other events as I am still new to this. Will I have to wait for an even to get Anna and Elsa and some of the others??

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