10 Tips for a Great Halloween as told by Disney Mobile Games

Happy Halloween!

As it is my very favorite holiday of the year, I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Halloween!  I love the idea of dressing up as ghosts and goblins and giving a little scary to the world.  In fact, I think getting spooked is one of the most fun parts of life.  This October has been full of so much Disney gaming amazingness, a great Comic Con and all sorts of fun movies.  Make sure to get your spooks out today because tomorrow the holiday season will be upon us!  Until then, stay safe and have fun!  In order to help facilitate this I’ve put together a list of important things to do on Halloween as told by Disney Mobile Games.

1) Give out A LOT of Candy!


2)  Strike a Spooky Pose!



3) Dance Your Heart Out!


4) Dress up in your best costume!


5) Take Lots of Pictures in said costume!


6) Decorate to Scare your Neighbors!


7) Unleash all the ghosts and ghouls you’ve got!


8) Visit a Haunted House!


9) Carve Some Pumpkins!


10) Enjoy the Company of Friends and Loved Ones!


So how will you be enjoying your Halloween?  Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Okay, okay. How much of your soul did you have to sell to get the Donald costume? Mickey has been doing NOTHING but shakin’ his groove thang with the ladies for the last week+, and I’m still 10 pieces of fabric (at LEAST) away.

  2. It took 3 days of playing to get all the dice and hats for Oogie, but I finally got him. Now I have to also try to get Donald’s costume. Has anyone got all the characters and have them give out candy at the same time? Supposedly, something nice happens when they all do.

  3. It seems my characters are doing the mission, but it’s not helping Oogie or Donald anytime soon. As I understand, I will have more time for Donald; will that be the case for Oogie as well?

  4. I’ve noticed that getting a certain number of cannonbots will get you Mrs incredible. Do you think this might mean that the others and Syndrome will be available again soon? I was so close to getting Syndrome last time but wasn’t close enough.

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