New York Comic Con Day Two

Day Two has come and gone and I have to tell you something very important.  I AM EXHAUSTED!  Seriously, I am so tired after today’s endeavors that I almost didn’t write this post.  Therefore, this one will be short and sweet and full of pictures with bare minimal effort on my part.  In fact, perhaps I will only use two fingers on my right hand to type to save on energy.  Trying now.  Nope, that takes more effort.  Okay, focus!  Let’s take a look at some of the antics we got up to at Day Two of New York Comic Con!


If you follow my twitter, you’ll know I’ve been playing the new 3DS game, Yo-Kai Watch 2, which I am loving, therefore it only made sense to hang out with some of the stars of the game and play a little while I was with them.


Outside the convention hall is a huge setup of South Park standees.  We are going to try to get in there and take some photos tomorrow as the line was fairly long, but we at least got to know some of the cast as they were being eaten by New York City rats.


We also met up with these two who were such unimportant characters that they were left out of the main exhibit.


And then Carl discovered that he likes tacos.  This was not a huge surprise.  What was surprising was just how much the taco liked him back.


We got to know the cast of Suicide Squad, which was not a film that I loved, but I could at least appreciate these characters when they weren’t spewing dialogue in a story line that made my stomach hurt.

One big part of the Comic Con, and a part I hope to explore a bit more tomorrow is the Cosplay part where fans dress up as their favorite characters and act out the parts.  We took to the streets in between convention halls to find some fun ones.


And of course it wasn’t long before we found some sailors from the Sailor Moon doing a lovely little strut.  The crowd was huge as everyone tried to get a piece of this action.


Some cosplayers have it harder than others, a fact that I realized after seeing this Master Chief from the Halo series who seemed to be begging for money after his recent layoff.  Good for you buddy.


And of course no post on this blog would be complete without a little magic.  I found these two dressed as Joy and Anger and they were kind enough to let me snap a photo.


And then I happened upon the friggin’ coolest Fantastic Four cosplayers ever.  Seriously, these guys were killing it.

My loot for the day was smaller than yesterdays but I just wanted to call out the fun things I got.  Every year I look at the work of David Peterson on the series Mouse Guard and tell myself I am going to pick it up.  Well this year I finally did and it is glorious.  The art is fantastic and the story is dark and wildly imaginative.  Anyone who liked Redwall would do well to check it out.

I also got my hands on the first two issues of the wonderful new comic series by a man who is becoming my favorite Comics writer, James Tynion IV.  I’m planning to do a Totally Obsessed piece about him this week but just know that he is brilliant and I love his work.  He represents queer writers in a way that is incredibly inspiring and he doesn’t shy away from diversity even in an all ages comic.

Finally, we picked up a couple packs of a game called Top Trumps which we found out is a big game in the UK that is simple and seems to be a great drinking game.  The team at Top Trumps gave us a demo and fun conversation so we decided to throw money at them.  Check out all of this and some great buttons I got as well!


Day Two is at an end and I can feel myself drifting off to dreamland.  We’ll only be going one more day but we’re planning to make it the biggest, best yet.  I can only hope my wallet forgives me for my actions.  I know not what I do wallet!  See you tomorrow!

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