Disney Magical World Replay Pt. 5 – Hanging with Aladdin

Hello and welcome back!  If you’re just joining us on this journey, I am embarking to replay through as much of Disney Magical World before the sequel comes out on October 14.  I’ve played through the game before but this is a fresh run to reacquaint myself with the game and also to be able to speak to what is new and different in the sequel!  If you’d like to get caught up, HEAD HERE first!

The past couple of days have seen me steadily building towards 40 stickers, which I just hit!  To do this has meant mastering a cycle of questing then using the rewards to make furniture and clothes, then harvesting crops, then making new dishes and then going questing again.  While this might sound like a grind, it actually turns out to be very addicting.  “I just need one ingredient to make this!” I’ll say.  “I can do that quest and then finish this set!”  It has a great ‘just one more’ feel and thanks to the endless supply of stuff to do, it never gets boring!  I decided to take the dive into Aladdin’s world and see what the street rat was up to.


Seems Aladdin has been hanging out with Jasmine and Abu in the palace, but the palace life is a bit boring for him.


Obviously I know who you are!

I set out on my first quest, dressed like a Justin Timberlake wannabe, ready to meet the ghosts where they lived.


Sup carpet.  I’m bringing sexy back.

Aladdin was in the ruins ready to help me and eventually I also got my questing costume for the area.


Oh good!  Can I be next?

Eventually you get to a point in each area where you get to fight a boss.  I think this one below is Ursula’s twin.


Gah!  What is that!?

Meanwhile, back in non-terrifying land, I had earned enough stickers to upgrade my cafe in order to have a home upstairs where I could lay my head after a hard day’s work.  Apparently up to this point I was something of a vagabond, wandering the streets aimlessly.


Umm, that’s great guys, but I can I get it in orange by any chance?

My room was a bit lacking but I’m sure at some point I’ll do some decorating and then we’ll be right as rain.


Is that sarcasm I sense Head Chef?

After going on a super long quest in Cinderella world I was finally able to go to the ball.  See kids, if you work hard enough and fight ghosts for pumpkins, you too can be royal!


Next time, YOU go into the woods.

Dressed in my fancy new outfit I headed to the Ball.


Wait for me!

Dancing is a fun little mini-game.  My only complaint was that there really wasn’t a tutorial here.  They just sort of threw me in and said “Go.” I suppose this is much like how dancing is for me in real life.  Have some cocktails and then go for it and hope I don’t knock out my partner with my wicked arm movements.


Oh thank God, it’s a line dance.  At least I can look at everyone else and figure it out.

With my new cafe in order, it was time to throw a party for Pooh.  A Pooh Party.  A Poohty.  Pooh was all too happy and OMG, my cafe has never looked cuter.  I would definitely go to a Pooh Cafe.


You mean woodsy with dirt on the floor?  Yeah, I know.

I completed my Stitch costume, which is now my go to outfit, and that meant I needed to take a commemorative photo with Piglet.  We’re pretty awesome, me and Piglet.  We go to all the latest clubs and get turnt up, as can be seen in this photo.


I ended the day by re-doing the cafe into a Ballroom and throwing a party for these two lovelies who were wonderful guests.  I even changed out of my Stitch costume and into something elegant.  Beast ate too much food and Belle spent the whole time reading Pride and Prejudice on her iPhone, but all in all, we had a great time!

wvw69jpx7r8gh-eoqc We’ve only got a few short weeks left until the new game hits so it’s time to really get to work.  I intend to reach an end point before October 14.  I just need to stay focused, throw parties and stop staying up so late with my homie Piglet.  Is that even how you spell homie?  Oh boy, the thug life may have chosen me, but I did not choose it.

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