Disney Magic Kingdoms – Bot Event and Attraction Sale

Today is a big day for everyone playing DMK because some newness has struck and it’s sure to salivate anyone who hasn’t already completed their kingdom.  First up, let’s talk about the sale as I think that is the best thing about today’s events.

Attraction Sale


That’s right!  The gem attractions are 50% off!  So if you’ve been saving up for a gem attraction, now is the time to get on that!  I can’t imagine they’ll ever go cheaper than this.  I like all of them but notice I get the most use out of the Fantasia Golf Course as it helps with Fantasy Land characters.

Cannon Bot Event

They’re back and badder than ever!  You guys know that I love the bots despite a lot of grumbling from the community.  I think they are a fun way to earn extra XP and now we can earn prizes for hunting for them.  At the very least, they aren’t brooms!



The tricky part here is that you can’t just click on something and find them.  You’ll actually need to search.  Luckily, they like to throw flames up in the air and wave them around like they just don’t care…


This makes finding them a bit easier to do, despite the fact that it will still be a bit of a chore.


So are you guys ready and excited to tap more bots?  Better yet, will you be picking up that attraction you’ve been eyeing?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Not a fan of search and tap mobile games… So I despise these “events”. I wish there was more functions of the attractions themselves. More of a “tycoon” micromanage tasks.

  2. Im starting to get sick of looking at the same areas of the map eveyday. I have a ways to go before i run out of things to do but I would like a teaser image of things to come. We keep asking for classic disney and when we get it, its not even the best characters. Just lame princesses and no fun sidekicks to go with them. I was excited for the Cinderella update but i have been trying to get those darn gloves for so long that i dont really care. It will happen when it happens… if it happens. Its not like the prince unlocks the step sisters or the mice or the duke dude who breaks the shoe. Or even fairy godmother. Not sure what focus testing they did when choosing which characters to include in the game but it sure is not filled with all my favorite characters from Disney history.

  3. I’m curious if I am stuck in the game because I have not purchased gems. I haven’t bought some of the attractions because I spend my gems on characters & parade floats. I’m currently saving for the horse and Wall-E so I haven’t bought Pluto’s house or Mike & Sally’s ride. I have everyone except Cinderella & they’re all leveled 10. I’m getting bored with the game (so many characters with no missions) & not sure if it’s something that I’m not buying.

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