Disney Emoji Blitz – The Ursula Update

Only days after the initial images of Ursula and a promise that she was “Coming Very Soon,” we now have, not only our first official update to Disney Emoji Blitz, but also our VERY FIRST EVENT!  This is quite exciting I must say, and there’s a lot here to chew on so let’s jump right in and start fighting the big baddie herself.


From the Devs

What’s New in Version 1.4

Disney Emoji fans will go heart eyes for our new update!

Play Disney Emoji Blitz across devices and save your progress when you login to Facebook from the Home Screen!

Just a few points short of completing a mission? Keep your game going with new end of round boosts!

Now you can invite your friends to play when you login to Facebook through Disney Emoji Blitz.

You can even see when you pass their high score on the Leaderboard!

Accepting post permissions is no longer a requirement when logging in to get onto the Leaderboard!

The Ursula Event

The really big change that players are going to notice is the fact that Ursula has come to take you on and now it is up to you to stop her…by swiping the faces of other Disney characters…It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I say we just go with it.


The task is simple.  As you play Villain Mode, which is new to the game, you’ll be able to earn prizes.  It appears we have until 11:59 PM on August 28 to complete this challenge so you better get to swiping.

How-To Villain Mode

It’s pretty simple.  When you go to PLAY, you’ll have a chance to hit the “FIGHT!” button, which will turn on Villain mode.  My favorite thing about this is that it is still technically playing, so while you won’t be able to collect items like normal, you will be able to earn points towards your tasks for leveling up.


Once you’ve said that you will Fight, your emoji seems a bit worried.  You can always turn off this mode, but I say you go for it!  Be Bold!  BE BRAVE!!!


The whole point is to collect tridents, which are then used to fight Ursula at the end of the round.  Much like items, you collect them by getting them to the bottom of the page so that they “Fall Off.”  You’ll want to get as many as possible.


Collecting Tridents is the only way to beat Ursula so get to gettin!


Ah, if only it were so easy.  It seems that Ursula also has a power meter and in time, she is able to unleash a horde of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” upon you.  They don’t technically hurt you, BUT they do get in the way and the only way to defeat them is by using power-ups such as Sunshines, Storm Clouds and Stars.  I recommend getting rid of them ASAP!


It seems that we have more reason to use those gems to keep on going.  Not only do we get more time, but we are also put into instant Blitz mode, which is sure to make those scores sky-rocket up!


Keep in mind that Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian all have the upper hand on Ursula.  By using them, any tridents you get will be multiplied by two.  So, if you get three tridents, it will count as Six.


New Diamond Box

What’s that you say?  You don’t have any of The Little Mermaid characters?  Good news!  You can open diamond boxes to get them!


If you DON’T have at least one of them, I strongly recommend at least one Diamond Box as this greatly increases the likelihood that you will finish the event.

Event Rewards

As you complete each round of defeating Ursula, you’ll get to open a chest with special items in it.  I don’t know yet what the scary looking poison chests are, but I’ll be sure to do a post once I do.  My guess is that by completing all of these, you will unlock Ursula as a playable character, which would be pretty amazing!


The boxes themselves give some pretty awesome prizes that are sure to increase your odds of high scores as well!


Facebook Enhancements

One last thing to touch on is that you no longer have to give post permissions to the app in order to get on the leaderboards.  It is also now easier to get your friends playing by inviting them from the Leaderboard screen!  This should make the competition much more fierce, which I am super excited for!

Final Thoughts

I just want to take a moment to say that I love this game.  I have a great deal of fun with it and, though the randomness persists, there is something very gratifying about getting a new character.  My collection continues to grow and I am enjoying the challenges that the game presents.  This event seems pretty awesome and I am interested to see if I can complete it in time!

Let me know what you think in the comments and whether or not you will be buying Diamond Boxes, as well as if you think you can beat Ursula in time!

For More on Disney Emoji Blitz, Go Here!

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    • The update completely imobilized my game. I cannot even hit Play while on the Boosts screen. I’m only on level 6, and its says I’ll get villain mode at level 7, but after restarting my phone twice, no dice! Seems glitchy. Help! And I have screenshots of need to see what I mean. Thank you in advance!

      • I don’t think there’s much that can be done here. You should contact tech support 😦

      • I too am having the same problem, I hope we find a solution to this because I really enjoy playing this game.

      • I am having the same problem. I do not want to delete the app and start all over because I have purchased gems. Frustrating

      • Omg I thought I was the only one. The same thing is happening to my game as well. I’ve already tried to delete the app and redownload it and same thing keeps happening

      • Maybe it’s because the update starts in level 7. I’m not there yet. Just started playing but very disappointed in the fact that disney has not responded or corrected it

  1. I’m hoping the chests are villian emojis! Fingers crossed. I love the game too but I have an Android and wish the emojis were easier to use. Doesn’t seem like I can use them in Whatsapp or email either which kinda sucks.

  2. I am thankful you save the progress now as I just got a new phone. But there seems to be a glitch where it won’t save my high score. After every game it says where I ended last week ( not correct by the way) and gives me 50 coins.

    • This happened to me at first too but I just kept playing (because though it was annoying, you got free coins) and eventually it stopped and now my real high score just stays like it did before.

  3. I can’t believe that the Disney Interactive support is this bad…the update froze my ability to play. It lost my high school and keeps me in a loop between boosts and the play screen but no matter when you hit play, it goes to boost. They give you no number to call and I have emailed them but have gotten no response. Surprising for Disney

  4. I finally opened the first box with skulls on it and got Ursula! Excited to see what the other skull boxes contain.

  5. And a tip I discovered. Swiping a star with the unfortunate souls makes them all disappear, which is what you would expect. I just swiped a star with a trident out of curiosity, and I’m pretty sure 3 more tridents appeared on the board.

  6. The other boxes help to upgrade Ursula.

    Also, if you go into the shop and click on the i on Gold Box (the icon that lists all emojis for a box), at the bottom, there are two boxes with no Emoji that say “Coming soon!”

  7. I had been playing both on my Iphone and on my Ipad. Was on level 20 or so on both. With the new update it wiped out one of my devices entirely. That would be ok if one device had been on level zero, and I hadn’t purchased gems on each device. Lost about 100 gems on my Ipad, several emojis, etc. It was OK having different games on different devices. It doesn’t bother me. It also loses my high score every day. I liked it better before this “update”

    • I’ve lost gems I purchased, levels, emojis I earned and then bought in a box are the same! Can’t even play now! Play button just toggles between play and boosts. Disgusted! No where to call or ask for technical support. I have a ticket number and it has been days!

  8. As anyone figured out what makes the tridents appear? Some games I will have 6 or 8 show up and the next I will only have 1 or 2. Each game the scores or game play aren’t much different

    • I try and save the rainbow stars and use it on the tridents to get more to pop up. It helps a lot. Sometimes the next round will be 1-2. It’s like they know my trick. But I feel like they don’t like letting you have them.

  9. Is anyone finding it quite difficult to get lots of Tridents? I’m not bad (level 15, highest score over 600,000) but it’s really slow getting Trudents!

    • Use ariel, flounder or sebastian. Will double the trident u get. Sometimes if u r not lucky, u will get 1-2 trident(s). But sometimes u can get 8-10 tridents(just once i got 10 with ariel so its 20 damage).

    • Absolutely. This is the worst update I have ever seen in any game. You get — if you’re lucky — one trident in a game. You need on average 100 tridents to clear a round. Even if you’re using Ariel, Flounder or Sebastien that is still FIFTY games you need to play in one day. That’s 50 games in order to make it through the entire Ursula board in the time limit (number of days) that they give you to complete all levels. You’ve got to be freaking kidding! You have to play this game virtually all day long in order to do that. One trident per game is a freaking joke. This was my favourite game, but Disney and (whichever fool came up with this idea) has completely frustrated users and made me loathe this game. My 8 year old daughter now says “I hate Disney Emoji Blitz!!!” Exactly. Disney has mastered the art of taking a fun game and destroying it by frustrating users with a near impossible task (unless you have nothing to do but sit around the house and play Ursula mode for 8 hours a day). Sad Disney. Very sad.

      • I certainly wouldn’t call this the worst update ever. I actually have enjoyed it. As a fairly casual player, I’ve already finished the event. Yes, sometimes I only get one or two tridents, but usually it is between 4 and 6. So while it may seem daunting I found that it went by far quicker than I initially thought. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying it 😦

  10. The next event is going to be alice in wonderland theme. Start saving coins to buy gold boxes or be prepared to buy a diamond box. September update!!

      • I think it’s because the current diamond box is Alice in Wonderland characters. Last time, the diamond box was filled with The Little Mermaid characters, so it would make sense. 🙂

  11. I was fortunate to have Ariel and Sebastian before the event started. Even with them, it was no easy task getting through this event, but I enjoyed it. The greatest thing I learned was to combine Stars with Tridents to create more Tridents.

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