Disney Countdown: 4 Days – Favorite Characters

Yesterday I was asked to provide favorite characters (At least one character and one princess) to a friend who was planning something for our trip.  I was asked to provide these for myself, my mother and Carl.  Herein I found a key difference between Carl and I.

Me:  I think you like Mary Poppins and Cinderella.  Right?

Carl:  I like Mary Poppins.  Do I like Cinderella?

Me:  I thought you said you did.

Carl:  And why did I say that?

Me:  You thought you and her had a lot in common.

Carl:  …I guess.

Photo Aug 23, 9 18 24 PM

Oh my, what will I wear today?

You see, for me, picking out a favorite character is difficult for the opposite reason.  I can’t ever decided on just one.  I love Doug the Dog, Remy the Rat, Kuzco the Princess…The point is, I never stop having favorites.  To Carl, though, picking a favorite is sacred.  He often has to really examine whether a character is worthy of being his favorite.  It is often important to him that he connects emotionally to the character, where for me, the primary deciding factor is cuteness.


Here you will see, Subject A, Remy who is full of cuteness.

Dug the dog

And here is Subject B, Doug, who is 23% More full of cuteness.

We went on to name character after character, trying to find one that he liked.  We eventually landed on Cinderella, Mary Poppins and Piglet.  Piglet.  Seriously.  My mother was easy.  Mary Poppins, Tigger and, because she replaces my cuteness factor with hotness factor, Jack Sparrow.

We’re very close to the trip now and the fact that I have to work for three more days before we fly out is starting to get to me.  I can hear myself yelling at people, “JUST LET ME GO TO DISNEY!” but, of course, I keep it all inside.  It’s definitely hard to focus though when you’re thinking about a Disney trip that’s almost here.  I mean, by the end of this week I’ll be eating soft serve in front of the castle.

As an embarrassing little side note for anyone who read this far into this rambling post, the other day I made the poor choice of listening to the “Wishes” firework show soundtrack while riding the Subway to work.  I say ‘poor choice’ because it always makes me more emotional than it should, and given that I can now imagine my mother seeing it for the first time, it just makes it that much worse.  I am happy to report that as I got off the train, it was freezing cold and therefore I could attribute my tears to the freezing temperatures hitting my weak eyes.  Look away!  Nothing to see here!!!

Photo Jul 12, 10 00 52 PM

I wish upon a star that I can keep my feeling on the inside!

Obviously, the question of the day is, if you had to pick just one favorite normal character and one favorite princess, who would they be?  Let me know in the comments!

Feel The Disney

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  1. So hard.. but i’m going to go with Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) and not-really-a-princess Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

    Oh wait, if it has to be a princess then Merida (Brave)

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