Cars 3: Driven to Win VS Lightning League

Hello everyone and happy Cars 3 weekend!  To celebrate the new Disney Pixar film, we've been gifted with not one but TWO brand new games to chew on while we wait to see the movie!  This is great, but given that the two games are SO different, it begs the question, which one deserves your … Continue reading Cars 3: Driven to Win VS Lightning League


The Complete Vault Pixar

Watching every Pixar film in order is sort of like watching a conveyor belt of creative excellence.  I often say that things come to us precisely when we need them, and Vault Pixar is very much that for me.  Faced with the struggle of writing my next novel, I was at a stand still, hoping … Continue reading The Complete Vault Pixar

Vault Pixar #10 – Up

Directed By:  Pete Doctor Starring:  Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai and Bob Peterson Screenplay By:  Bob Peterson and Pete Doctor Original Release:  May 29, 2009 Many people have a horror film that they love but refuse to watch because it simply terrifies them far too much.  For me, Up represents a similar problem.  I love … Continue reading Vault Pixar #10 – Up