Disney Countdown: 5 Days – Learning About Fastpasses

Oh boy you guys, this one’s a doozy.

Upon posting my last two days of countdowns, several folks told me I needed to get my fastpasses.  I didn’t quite understand what that meant.  Here’s thing thing, I can be a bit cheap about certain things.  Show me a $200 board game and I’m all in.  Delicious food?  Take my money.  But there’s something about convenience that I just can’t get behind.  I never take a taxi or Uber, because to me, spending extra money to get somewhere ten minutes earlier just isn’t worth it.  I also don’t like to spend money on drinks at a bar.  I can buy a whole bottle and then some for that price!  So when I heard about Fastpass+ I just assumed it was Disney trying to pull money that could be spent on something more meaningful from my cold dead hands!  Spoiler alert:  Apparently Fastpass+, or at least the first three per day, are free.

Photo Feb 14, 5 54 33 PM

Good thing I didn’t have a flyer with all the information or anything…oh wait.

The other big news of today is that we have officially purchased the tickets for Disney!  Woot!  I tried to screenshot it but it was too difficult to take a pic that didn’t involve our confirmation number…or names…or credit card number.  It finally feels real now that I’ve done that painful part of watching so much money deplete from my account.  So worth it though.  Growing up, going on a vacation was synonymous with “going to Great Grandma’s to clean the house,” so in my adult years I’ve really learned the benefit of going on a trip and having fun.

In other news, the weather here in NYC has given me good reason to believe that New York actually wants me to go on this trip.  Below, please find my reasoning for this thought.

 It is so cold here.  Also, this doesn’t even show the worst of it.  When we ventured out to observe Valentine’s Day by making out furiously while watching Deadpool, it was a meager 7 degrees outside.  Yikes!!

So now I have this task of picking out Fastpass rides for each day and since I am miserable at decisions of this magnitude, I bring the question to you!  What rides do you recommend Fastpassing for on such short notice?  Let me know in the comments and stay warm!

Oh and also…


Feel The Disney

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  1. If you like the big rides try for those – Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Toy Story Mania, etc… You can also get a 4th, or 5th FP once you use your three for the day. Just go to the kiosk. For this reason I don’t recommend using them for the parades or fireworks because you have an open FP you can’t get the extra ones, which are ALL free by the way!

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