Disney Countdown: 3 Days – Obsessed with My Disney Experience App

What?  Are you talking?  Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me stalking Doug the Dog’s location on the My Disney Experience App.

Perhaps most of you who read this already know all about this little app that I’ve become addicted to over the past couple of days, but if you’re like me, perhaps you think the app is just good for checking on wait times.  Well, that is one good use for the app, but apparently the app has a bajillion uses and all of them will make your trip planning that much easier.  You don’t need a travel agent, you just need this app.  Likewise, you don’t need to be completely creepy and good at tapping phone lines to stalk Mickey, you just need this app.  Hmm, moving on.  Today, you’ll be seeing the world through screenshots taken from my phone.  Let’s get started.

Photo Feb 16, 11 06 53 AM

Move aside Real Housewives, this is your next obsession.

First and foremost, yes, My Disney Experience is a fantastic app for use in the park to check wait times on every single ride, as well as schedules for shows as well as just to have a map to find the nearest snack to eat.  This was the only thing we used it for on our last trip and just from that perspective it was fantastic.  It was much better than the Universal Studios app which frequently crashed on me and was hard to navigate.  If that was the only thing this app did, it would be a great app, but oh wait.  There’s more!

Photo Feb 16, 10 20 21 AM

Speaking of which, wow the wait times are looking great today! Let’s go! Oh wait, I’m still in NYC.

Once you create your account and then buy your tickets under said account, you can also start to plan and book your fastpasses.  This is pretty neat as it lets you get a head start and because you can just tab on over to see the worst wait times of the day, you can get a good idea of what to fast pass, even if you don’t necessarily know that park all that well.

Photo Feb 16, 10 22 46 AM

You can also edit your existing fastpasses. Might I also say here that the layout of the app is easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

You can add family members into this too so that they can see what reservations you have and everyone can be on the same page.  I could go on.  You can see where every character is and when they’ll be there.  You can link magic bands.  Buy tickets.  Buy merchandise.  You can even make a profile with a picture of your favorite character as your avatar!  However, my last news of the day comes from the fact that you can book dining.

Photo Feb 16, 10 21 48 AM

Food time!!!

Upon browsing the app, I checked Crystal Palace, a restaurant I had considered to take my mom for dinner on our first night as it involves Winnie the Pooh characters walking about, and we know that she loves Tigger.  I love Eeyore.  Shocker of the century.  I had checked a few times, but had not found a good time for a reservation.  Yesterday I checked and noticed a time for 8:50.  I quickly scrambled.  Would that mean we would miss Celebrate the Magic OR the parade OR the fireworks.  I couldn’t jeopardize those things just for a fancy dinner.  But since we are going on Friday, the parade, Celebrate AND the fireworks would end at 8:30.  8:30!!!!  I quickly made the reservation, sure that it would block me or tell me there had been a mistake and then at last, it told me I was confirmed.

So, the big news of today is that we are ending our first day at Disney with The Crystal Palace!!!  I’m very excited and this also means that hopefully my mom will get to take a great pic with Tigger and I’ll get to take a sad face pic with Eeyore.


Come Friday, we’ll be this Asian family!

Dreams.  Come.  True.

So what’s your favorite little trick that My Disney Experience app does?  And also, do you stalk characters?  No?  Just me?  Great.  Either way, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Haha, love your humour 😀 This sounds a brilliant app. We’ve only been to Disneyland Paris and i’m not sure they had anything like this. When we make it to Florida, i’ll be glad of something like this.

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