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Vault Disney: The Others – Introduction

For any of you who have been following my Vault Disney series, you will know that I have just reached the end of the first ten films. Since starting this project I have been showered with surprises. I’ve been surprised at just how many of these films I’ve never seen before and surprised at how my impression of those I have seen has changed. I’ve been surprised by just how masterful the animation coming out of Disney Studios was, even 75 years ago. Most of all, I’ve been surprised at the sheer amount of a people who have not only read these little blog posts, but have reached out through comments, Facebook, Twitter and email. I’ve been surprised at the level of support and wonderfulness you have all provided and for that I can only say, Thank you.

I feel as though I’m telling a story. It’s a story that goes back a ways and tells the tale of a man and the empire he built around a mouse. It’s a story about animation and animators and how they changed the way we not only see cartoons, but film as a whole. In telling that story, I’ve come to realize that I would be leaving some pretty large plot holes if I did not touch on films that, while having some animation, may not be fully animated and are not part of the Disney Vault Canon. These are the films which combined live actors with animated co-stars or used means of telling a story outside the realm of pure animation.

For these films, I have decided to do a monthly post in a companion series I’d like to call:

Vault Disney: The Others.

A hint of things to come...

A hint of things to come…

I hope you enjoy this companion series and continue to give me your feedback and thoughts on these films as that has been my absolute favorite part of this project so far. See you tomorrow for our very first posting in this series:

Vault Disney: The Others #1 – Song of the South

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