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New Project: Vault Disney

Last week, to my extreme pleasure, I, a 27 year old man, visited Disney World for the very first time in my life. This was my first Disney theme park experience and I was excited, terrified and a little anxious. Would it be fun even though I wasn’t a child? Would I find it silly and boring? Would this thing I had missed out on for so many years end up being an utter disappointment?

If you’ve ever been to Disney, than you already know that my fears were put to rest within minutes of stepping into the park and I suddenly found myself excited beyond belief. That’s the thing about Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It transports you to a time when there really is magic. It makes you see everything as if you were a child and it feels truly magical just by being the same park it has always been.

Now I’ll admit, while I’ve always had a soft spot for Disney, I can honestly say I’ve never considered myself a Disney Nerd or a Mouseketeer wannabe. I had always appreciated Disney from afar, never getting too entrenched in it. I remember going to the home of one of my Mother’s friends and seeing her enormous Disney collection, complete with toys, every film in both DVD and VHS and several large framed lithographs. While I thought it was impressive, I didn’t have the overwhelming urge to go out and purchase all these things for myself. Turns out, all I needed was a trip to the park to turn me into a believer.

I suddenly found myself wanting to relive my childhood. It was in this heightened state of Disney awareness that I and my fiancee Carl decided to re-watch every Disney Vault film in chronological order. This in itself will surely be a long task, but as a writer, I think journey’s are most fun when shared, so I’ll be writing a little segment on every film as we watch them. Some will be old favorites while others we may literally be watching for the first time.

Either way, herein lies my invitation to you. Join us. Re-watch with us. Share your experiences of these films as we go and most importantly, allow yourself to get caught up in a little magic, even if you happen to be too old for such things.

Welcome to Project Vault Disney.


Read the first entry HERE:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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