A Home for Wizards first Promo Photo and Update

Hello all,

As you know I have been pretty quiet about the writing process for the past several months and that is simply that when trying to hit deadlines, time becomes a bit tight all around.  That being said, I am hard at work on the sequel to A Love Story for Witches, the aptly named A Home for Wizards.  I can’t wait for you to read it but alas, that will have to wait until January of 2016 when the book officially releases.

A Home for Wizards teaser 1

That being said, you can now pick up a copy of Witches in Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and as of two weeks ago CHINA!!!  I hope to get back to blogging soon but for now the most I can manage to pump out is a video a week with my partner Carl Li and continue to work on the book.

For now, enjoy the image, be joyous that I am still alive and writing (I know I am) and keep being the awesome amazing people that I know you are!


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