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Vault Disney: The Others #1 – Song of the South

Original Release: November 1946 Runtime: 94 Minutes Directed By: Harve Foster & Wilfred Jackson I’m sure there are more peaceful and less controversial films to start a new series with but when looking through the chronological order of all Disney films, I was struck by Song of the […]

Vault Disney #10 – Melody Time

Original Release: May 1948 Runtime: 75 Minutes Here we are, at the end of the package film era of Disney, and all I can say is, “Thank goodness.” In the 1940’s Walt Disney Studios created package films, which were collections of several short films made into one feature, […]

Vault Disney #8 – Make Mine Music

Original Release: April 1946 Runtime: 76 Minutes If it hasn’t become clear yet by my mentioning in every article, let me say it again here, World War II was not kind to Disney. Several of the studios big budget films had flopped and the small budget films had […]

Vault Disney #7 – The Three Caballeros

Original Release: December 1944 Runtime: 72 Minutes I think it’s safe to say that The Three Caballeros is the spiritual successor to Saludos Amigos and to that point, it manages to top its predecessor in every single possible way. The film marked the second package film for Disney […]

Vault Disney #6 – Saludos Amigos

Original Release: August 1942 Runtime: 42 Minutes Saludos Amigos, or ‘Hello Friends’ in English, is a huge departure from the previous Disney films on our list. In fact, the next few films on our list will all follow a formula which labels them as ‘package films.’ Essentially, this […]

Vault Disney #5 – Bambi

Original Release: August 1942 Runtime: 70 minutes There is one thought that stuck with me throughout every single second of the fifth film on our Vault Re-watch, Bambi. That thought was simply: This film is gorgeous. The animation flows beautifully. The background of the forest is stunning and […]

Vault Disney #4 – Dumbo

Original Release: October 1941 Runtime: 64 minutes Jim Korkis, an excellent writer on all things Disney, mentions in his book that “Every Disney movie is someone’s favorite Disney movie.” (The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial, Unauthorized, Uncensored Disney Stories Never Told) And as I watch these movies in […]

Vault Disney #3 : Fantasia

Original Release: November 1940 Runtime: 126 minutes Even by today’s standards, Fantasia, stands as a huge experimental piece of media. There is nothing else quite like it (Unless you count its follow-up Fantasia 2000). As Deems Taylor, the master of ceremonies in the film, says early on, Fantasia […]

Vault #1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Year of Release: 1937 Runtime: 83 minutes If the only story anyone knew about Walt Disney was of what he went through in order to get Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs¬†produced, I think it would still be enough to land him in the ‘inspirational’ category. The film […]