Demos and Teaching Board Games – Gayme Night Special

Hello all,

How was your weekend?  Did you make poor decisions?  Get lost in the rain?  Get found in the rain?  Do a rain dance?  Why am I so focused on rain today?  It’s quite cold in New York City.  Speaking of nothing that I was just speaking about, my fiancee, Carl Li and I taught our first game demo at our local store The Geekery HQ yesterday.  Wait wait, hold your applause till the end.  What’s that?  You weren’t applauding?  Just coughing loudly out of boredom?  Either way.

In this week’s video we’ll show a little bit of our demo and talk about some things that we found important when teaching board games, whether to board gamers or to folks new to the genre of entertainment.  Enjoy and make sure to like and subscribe!  There will be cookies if you do.  Well, you can imagine cookies if you do.  Just don’t imagine cookies if you don’t so we can keep this all fair.


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