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Disney Magical Dice Mobile Game Preview

Disney seems to be pumping out the mobile games lately and I for one am totally okay with that.  The next one on the block looks to combine two of my favorite things: Disney and Board Games.  Now If they can just find a way to incorporate cookies it will be my dream game.  Mmmm, cookies.  Oh, sorry, where were we?  Ah yes, Disney Magical Dice.  Published by Netmarble, this game looks to be a bit like monopoly with a square track board that allows us to play as different characters as we try to beat our competitors.  Take a look below.

Since the game is already available in Canada, I had the chance to check out the Tutorial and get a feel for the game.  Overall, it seems a bit like Monopoly but with more mechanics which allow you to open up new characters to play over time by unlocking character cards.  Like Monopoly, you are also placing buildings and using money to earn more rewards in the game.  The track does not have a start and finish, but more the idea of going around the board the same way you would pass Go! to collect dollars.  Take a look at the tutorial below.

Special Thanks to @ageekychick for the video.  Make sure to check out her stuff and like and subscribe to her channel! 

You’ll also notice that as you complete colored areas, your service fees go up, meaning you earn more money which is important as you try to beat your friends.  All of this comes down to then being able to unlock new characters.  Overall, it seems like a fun and colorful game that runs pretty well and seems to be easy for the whole family to play.  The tutorial moved quickly and looks to get you right in the action.

The game is not available in the U.S. yet but if you’d like to get a head start and earn extra rewards, make sure to pre-register at their site by going HERE!

Will you guys be checking this one out or is your time and love fully devoted to Disney Magic Kingdoms already?  Let me know in the comments!


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