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Disney Magical World Replay Pt. 2 – Cafes, Cards and Questing

I continued on my journey with the goal in mind of finishing up the prologue so that the game would open up a bit more.  The Prologue leads you through most of the elements of the game so it was a bit of a crash course in what […]

Pokemon Go First Impressions

Here at Jaysen Headley Writes, we have a way of talking about Disney…a lot.  And that’s okay.  I love Disney.  You love Disney.  We all have a common lover and his name is Mickey.  But today marks the release of something I am extremely excited about.  Like, froth […]

Disney Art Academy – First Impressions

Because the major focus of this blog is primarily Disney or Writing, I like to think that anything Disney that is available deserves my attention.  At least a little bit of it anyway.  I love the idea of bringing you guys my unique impressions of different Disney games, […]