Pokemon Go First Impressions

Here at Jaysen Headley Writes, we have a way of talking about Disney…a lot.  And that’s okay.  I love Disney.  You love Disney.  We all have a common lover and his name is Mickey.  But today marks the release of something I am extremely excited about.  Like, froth at the mouth excited.  Heavy breathing excited.  Embarrassing moments in Middle School excited.  I went back and forth on whether or not to write about this, because, well, it’s not Disney.  But my readers are amazing and so I’m hoping that for the time being, you’ll indulge me.  If there’s one thing I love as much as Disney, it’s Nintendo and the new mobile game Pokemon Go has just released.


First off, I need to explain to you the moments that followed the immediate release of the game.  Upon seeing that it was out in the U.S. I immediately downloaded it and exclaimed to my partner Carl, “Drop everything!  We need to go outside!  Pokemon Go is out!  Let’s go!  Don’t ask questions!  Do you have keys!  We need keys!!!”  Why was I feverishly trying to get out of the house, you ask?  Pokemon Go is from the creators of Ingress.  It is a game that uses GPS to essentially have you actually go to locations as a means of actually ‘Checking In’ at nearby stores, businesses or weird graffiti on the wall.  By doing this, you earn XP and also gain items.  More than that, you get to catch Pokemon, which thanks to Augmented reality look as though they are sitting in your friggin’ house!  Or on the street!  Or annoying your dog!!!


Izzy is not amused.

This is really an amazing feet.  For those of you not in the know, Pokemon is a game about capturing oddly shaped creatures and then training them in order to fight other creatures in order to capture more creatures of fight in championships which then garner you cash, shiny badges and bragging rights.  Pokemon Go asks you to walk around the neighborhood, where you will find shops as well as gyms to support, train in, or try to conquer.


If you’re like me, then your whole life has fixated around becoming a real life Pokemon trainer and this right here is probably the closest we’ll ever get.  Right from the get go, I was catching Pokemon, learning about the world around me and finding ways to level up so that I could be ready for my first gym.


Izzy is not amused.

What I need to stress here is how amazing it is to know that a game got us to go out and take a late night stroll.  We were excited to check out parts of our neighborhood we’d never been to before.  We actually wanted to see that cool piece of graffiti art on the wall because we’d never noticed it.  That’s sort of powerful when you consider the implications.  Nintendo has always been a company that has pushed self care.  They were responsible for the Wii for goodness sakes, and I can’t remember a time lately where a Nintendo game didn’t occasionally tell me to take a break from the game and rest.


Izzy is not amused.

The idea that a game can open our eyes to the world around us, while making our childhood dreams come true is pretty magnificent.  It seems that as we level up, there will be all sorts of community features and ways to interact with the city around us and I am incredibly excited for all of that.  While the game is far from perfect with lots of bugs still to work out, I urge you to check it out.  Nintendo has been a love of mine since before Disney took over my soul and this game just goes to prove why.  With a sense of style all its own and an instant need to go outside and explore, Pokemon Go might just be the healthiest game you’ve ever played.


Izzy is not amused.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android and is waiting for you to open your eyes to the world around you!  Go HERE for more on the game.

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  1. Pokemon has never been my thing but I saw a tweet mention the GPS locations and was intrigued. To then wake up to another excellent write up by yourself and I’m more than a little swayed. I love augmented reality projects and pleased to see one that sounds as well thought out as this with the exploration of your surroundings.

  2. I just downloaded the original Pokemon Red a couple months ago on my 3DS. I’d never really played any of the games before, but knew some stuff from seeing a few episodes of the cartoon and such. I haven’t touched it in a while, but may have to pick it up back up again soon to get a bit more knowledgeable before venturing in to the world of Go.

  3. I’ve waited for Pokemon go for long time, I wish the developers will release global version so everyone can play it soon. Thanks for sharing your article!

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